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Cherry Doll Caged, Walked, Clamped, Groped, Spanked, crotchRoped, Hogtied - Part 1
34 minute(s), 56 second(s) of video
Added 02/27/2019
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You hear a loud rumbling, and it's not long before Cherry appears in a cage on wheels. Cherry is bound and gagged with a huge red ball gag. She is tied to the cage in the back corner. A crotchrope pulls her hips forward, as it is tied off the the opposite corner of the cage. She's left for just a bit, but I soon remove the padlock from the cage and open the doors. Now we can get a better look at her. After a while I untie her from the cage and untie the crotchrope. I grab it and guide her out of the cage. I then untie her arms and re-tie them. I keep adding ropes, adding a chest harness as well. Once her upper body is thoroughly bound I manhandle and grope her for a while. I squeeze her tits and grab her by her hair as I pull her crotchrope tight. I spend some time smacking her ass as well. I make her step out of her skirt. I then tie her crotchrope overhead. Next, a rope is tied behind her and then tied off to the post behind her. Her hips are forced forward and up while her upper body is pulled back and down. Cherry Doll whimpers as she endures this strenuous position. I cut away at her sweater revealing her tits. I grope and slap them for a bit. She tries to get a little relief by arranging her feet forward and alternating. I take this away after I bind her legs together at the knees. I then bind her ankles, leaving about 3 or 4 inches of slack. I finally release her from her predicament, but that's only because I have another planned. I walk her over a few feet towards a cable stretched across the room. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: caged, crotchrope, pantyhose

Cherry Doll Caged, Walked, Clamped, Groped, Spanked, crotchRoped, Hogtied - Part 2
39 minute(s), 29 second(s) of video
Added 02/27/2019
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended. I re-tie Cherry Doll's crotch rope to a hook attached to a pulley on the cable. I make her walk to the wall, then turn around and come back. It looks a little to easy. After she makes her way back, I add a hairtie and then tie it off to her arm ropes, forcing her to look up. I make her do the same walk again... Much better! I make her walk back and forth several times... very entertaining indeed! I have more in store for Cherry Doll so I remove her crotchrope and untie her hair from her arm ropes. I flip the crotchrope around so that it ends behind her... we'll use this again later. I manhandle her a bit before I lift her and plant her face down on the hogtie bench. I then tie her ankles to the vertical post. Once that is done I add another pipe on top that one that angle upward. I tighten it so it won't move. I then attach a rope to her chest harness and arch her up, tying it off to the overhead pipe I just attached. I also tie her head back once again with the rope that was already in her hair from earlier. I leave her for a bit to endure her new bondage position. I return and add some heavy duty clamps to her nipples. I leave once again, but soon return with some thin rope. I tie the rope to the clamps and pull them out and down. I tie the other end to the platform. I smack her ass hard a few times. She twitches just a bit, but cannot really move much at all. I sit back and enjoy the view for a while as she endures. I feel the need to accessorize, so I nose hook her. These force her head back a bit further. She's left once again. At the end of the clip I have added some footage of Cherry Doll being untied.

Categories: crotchrope, hogtied, nipple clamps, nose hooks, pantyhose, Petite

Employee Discipline - A New Office Chair for Cherry Doll - Part 1
46 photos 27 minute(s), 38 second(s) of video
Added 01/12/2019
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Are your profits not what they used to be? Can you succeed and prosper in this down economy? If you answered "yes" to the 1st question then you NEED this collection of video. If you follow business Guru Eric Cain's formula then the answer to the 2nd question is a Most Definite YESSS!! This is the 4th installment of many, where Eric shares his secrets for success! It's early Saturday morning. cherry is standing in near darkness, with her wrists cuffed behind her back with solid steel cuffs. She is also wearing a head cage that is attached to the ceiling. A pump gag has been inserted through the hole in the cage and into cherry's mouth, effectively gagging her. After a bit you hear a door slam and in walks Eric. He turns on some lights and walks up behind her. He immediately starts slapping her ass and tits hard. He alternates between this and roughly manhandling her. This goes on for a while before he stops to talk to the viewer. He explains that cherry was taken into custody Fri evening after work. She was stripped, cuffed and left in her current state over night. It seems that she had stolen from petty cash. She also has a haircut and new piercings that are strictly against company policy. These are some serious infractions that require serious discipline. Eric rolls out a wooden horse that cherry will be riding for the rest of the day. cherry is roughly groped, slapped and spanked for a while longer. He removes her head cage from the hoist above and sits her on the horse. He then binds her ankles to her thighs and then continues to tightly bind her calves to her thighs. he then ties them down and back to the stand. He eventually removes the head cage and the pump gag. Before an employee discipline session takes place, the other female employees enter a drawing. If they win, they remove their panties. the panties will be used to gag cherry. Eric stuffs 2 pairs of large panties in her mouth and then securely tapes them in. Eric then grabs more rope and adds a simple chest harness. The clip ends shortly after.

Categories: Brunettes, handcuffs, head cage, Petite, pump gag, wooden horse

Employee Discipline - A New Office Chair for Cherry Doll - Part 2
62 photos 35 minute(s), 37 second(s) of video
Added 01/12/2019
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... First things First, cherry's tits aren't huge, but they are plenty big enough to bind. Eric does this with some very thin cotton string. He then removes the rigid cuffs and reties her wrists with rope. A clamp is tightened on her septum and left hanging for now. He then grabs a long wooden shoe horn and starts slapping various parts of cherry's body with it. Her shoes are removed and they get the same treatment. Her nipples are clamped with clovers. A string is attached and run through a ring bolted to the front of the horse. It is the run up and through her nose clamp and then tied off. This forces her to lean forward. Her elbows are the tied together and then tied up and back to the steel pipe. She is then nose hooked with some surgical clamps that work perfect for this purpose. They are then rope back. In the process, the excess rope is wrapped around her neck. Her head is now being pulled down and up and back by her nose. cherry likes to decorate her face with shiny metal, so Eric just feels like helping her out in this regard. Eric steps away for a while while cherry endures her predicament. When he returns he starts smacking her with the wooden shoe horn again. This goes on for a while. At the end of the clip he removes her nipple clamps and then rolls her out of the scene. He's taking her to the employee break room where cherry will remain on display for the rest of the day!

Categories: barefoot, bastinado, breast torture, Brunettes, Crying, nipple clamps, nose clamp, nose hooks, wooden horse

They Get Revenge - Part 4
43 photos 21 minute(s), 19 second(s) of video
Added 08/22/2018
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This clip starts where Part 3 ended... Cherry's ankles are crossed and then tied. She is then put into a strict hogtie. The rope in her hair is tied back as well. Soon the panties that are in her mouth are securely taped in with clear tape. They then nose hook her next. Riley and Eric go about their business as Cherry suffers in extremely tight bondage at their feet. After a while, Eric rolls her onto her side. They know she'll bring a pretty penny on the open market so they get a few more pics of her from various angles. Eric and Riley decide to go out for dinner and discuss their plans for Cherry as they leave her on the floor in agony. When they return later, they torment her a bit more before releasing her from her hogtie. They leave her wrists bound and put her up on her knees. Eric gives her crotchrope a nice tug and orders Cherry to open her mouth and keep it open. This will be her new position for the next few hours. What will Cherry endure next. Use your imagination. This is where Part 4 ends.

Featuring: Riley Jane
Categories: Breast bondage, Brunettes, hogtied, nose hooks

They Get Revenge - Part 2
28 photos 15 minute(s), 30 second(s) of video
Added 08/21/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Riley watches as Eric makes the 2 huge pairs of panties disappear into Cherry's mouth. He then secures them by means of clear tape. Riley then gets her chance to roughly play with Cherry's helpless body. Eric grabs a camera and starts taking pictures while Riley grabs a handful of Cherry's hair and poses her for the camera. They know the rest of the family will be delighted to see Cherry in her current predicament. Eric and Riley taunt her a bit more before they tie a rope around her neck and make her stand. Poor Cherry really struggles as her legs keep sliding further and further apart as she stands on the slick wood floor in her high heels. As her legs pull farther apart, her neckrope tightens. Cherry whimpers as they make matters worse when they start slapping her satin clad pussy. Her tits get more attention as well, before her skirt is snipped off, revealing her fancy garter and stockings. The clamps are put back on her nipples and Cherry is in pure agony at this point. They remove the neckrope and turn her around and Eric starts smacking her ass hard. They remove the spreader bar and tie her neckrope overhead again. They continue slapping her bound and clamped tits though. Cherry screams and thrashes about when he finally removes the clamps. Her gag is then removed. This is where Part 2 ends.

Categories: breast torture, garter and stockings, nipple clamps

They Get Revenge - Part 3
37 photos 18 minute(s), 39 second(s) of video
Added 08/21/2018
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This clip starts where Part 2 ended... Eric continues to lightly slap and squeeze Cherry's bound tits, before he ties her neckrope overhead once again. He turns her around and removes his belt. He repeatedly whips Cherry's ass with it. When she yelps a little to loudly, Riley covers her mouth with her hand. Riley looks on with a big grin as Cherry is punished. A few hard hand spanks come next. Riley and Eric sit back and order Cherry to dance for them while neckroped. She does so very reluctantly, and her captors are not happy with her performance. They get up and start snipping away the rest of her clothing. They give her a wedgie with her panties, before snipping them off and shoving them in her mouth. Her lovely little blazer is next. As Eric snips away at her blazer, Riley has fun groping Cherry and slapping her with the wooden paddle. She's left in just her heels, stockings, and garter belt. A tight crotchrope is next. Then they bind her elbows and chicken wing her, with more and more rope. They remove her neckrope and place cherry on the floor. This is where Part 3 ends.

Categories: breast torture, garter and stockings, Lingerie, nipple clamps

They Get Revenge - Part 1
44 photos 22 minute(s), 25 second(s) of video
Added 08/20/2018
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Riley and her Brother don't usually get along, but when Eric has captured the DA that falsely prosecuted their Brother, they forget about past differences and come together. Family comes first over anything. Eric immediately shoves a huge black ball gag in Cherry's mouth before calling Riley. Riley is on her way over. Eric doesn't wait for her. He starts roughly manhandling her and then her ties a spreader bar to her ankles. He gives her inner thighs a few harsh slaps before grabbing a handful of her hair and groping her tits again. He then rips open her blouse, exposing her firm perky tits. Eric now gets even more aggressive with her tits. He starts slapping them with his finger tips very hard as Cherry whimpers and writhes in her bondage. He clamps her nipples with some heavy duty clamps and then leaves her for a bit. When he returns, Cherry is relieved when he removes the clamps, but he puts them right back on... only this time he pulls them up and tight around the back of her neck and connects them with rubber bands. He taunts her for a bit before he leaves her once again. We skip forward in time and Riley has arrived to help get revenge on Cherry. She looks very satisfied when she sees Cherry bound gagged and in agony. She immediately joins in. she taunts Cherry while pulling her hair and tugging on her nipple clamps. Eric the joins her wielding a long wooden paddle. He grabs a handful of Cherry's hair and starts slapping her pussy with it... Then he starts slapping the underside of Cherry's tits. AllCherry can do is mmmmppph through her huge gag and writhe. Riley gets a turn to play with Cherry next. She runs her hands all over Cherry's body and slaps her inner thighs. She also gives her tender body some attention with a thin metal paddle as well. Eric finally removes the clamps and uses some thin twine to tightly tie her tits. After he ties the left one, he realizes that it is tighter, so he reties the right tit so they match. He uses his hand and now starts slapping her bound tits again. During the tit binding process, riley continues playing with there bound captive. Once they are satisfied with the tit bondage, they have some more fun squeezing and slapping them. They remove the big ballgag and set 2 pairs of huge panties that they got from Aunt Betty's dirty laundry basket, on her lap. This is where Part 1 ends.

Featuring: Riley Jane
Categories: hogtied, nose hooks