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They Get Revenge - Part 4
43 photos 21 minute(s), 19 second(s) of video
Added 08/22/2018
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This clip starts where Part 3 ended... Cherry's ankles are crossed and then tied. She is then put into a strict hogtie. The rope in her hair is tied back as well. Soon the panties that are in her mouth are securely taped in with clear tape. They then nose hook her next. Riley and Eric go about their business as Cherry suffers in extremely tight bondage at their feet. After a while, Eric rolls her onto her side. They know she'll bring a pretty penny on the open market so they get a few more pics of her from various angles. Eric and Riley decide to go out for dinner and discuss their plans for Cherry as they leave her on the floor in agony. When they return later, they torment her a bit more before releasing her from her hogtie. They leave her wrists bound and put her up on her knees. Eric gives her crotchrope a nice tug and orders Cherry to open her mouth and keep it open. This will be her new position for the next few hours. What will Cherry endure next. Use your imagination. This is where Part 4 ends.

Featuring: Cherry Doll
Categories: Breast bondage, Brunettes, hogtied, nose hooks

They Get Revenge - Part 1
44 photos 22 minute(s), 25 second(s) of video
Added 08/20/2018
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Riley and her Brother don't usually get along, but when Eric has captured the DA that falsely prosecuted their Brother, they forget about past differences and come together. Family comes first over anything. Eric immediately shoves a huge black ball gag in Cherry's mouth before calling Riley. Riley is on her way over. Eric doesn't wait for her. He starts roughly manhandling her and then her ties a spreader bar to her ankles. He gives her inner thighs a few harsh slaps before grabbing a handful of her hair and groping her tits again. He then rips open her blouse, exposing her firm perky tits. Eric now gets even more aggressive with her tits. He starts slapping them with his finger tips very hard as Cherry whimpers and writhes in her bondage. He clamps her nipples with some heavy duty clamps and then leaves her for a bit. When he returns, Cherry is relieved when he removes the clamps, but he puts them right back on... only this time he pulls them up and tight around the back of her neck and connects them with rubber bands. He taunts her for a bit before he leaves her once again. We skip forward in time and Riley has arrived to help get revenge on Cherry. She looks very satisfied when she sees Cherry bound gagged and in agony. She immediately joins in. she taunts Cherry while pulling her hair and tugging on her nipple clamps. Eric the joins her wielding a long wooden paddle. He grabs a handful of Cherry's hair and starts slapping her pussy with it... Then he starts slapping the underside of Cherry's tits. AllCherry can do is mmmmppph through her huge gag and writhe. Riley gets a turn to play with Cherry next. She runs her hands all over Cherry's body and slaps her inner thighs. She also gives her tender body some attention with a thin metal paddle as well. Eric finally removes the clamps and uses some thin twine to tightly tie her tits. After he ties the left one, he realizes that it is tighter, so he reties the right tit so they match. He uses his hand and now starts slapping her bound tits again. During the tit binding process, riley continues playing with there bound captive. Once they are satisfied with the tit bondage, they have some more fun squeezing and slapping them. They remove the big ballgag and set 2 pairs of huge panties that they got from Aunt Betty's dirty laundry basket, on her lap. This is where Part 1 ends.

Featuring: Cherry Doll
Categories: hogtied, nose hooks

Rights Vigilante Turns the Equestrian into a Pony - Part 3
16 photos 14 minute(s), 17 second(s) of video
Added 09/03/2014
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This clip starts where Part 2 ended... Riley stands with her makeup running down her cheeks. She is not happy about her harness, bondage, and being blind. The vigilante helps her back into her boots as Riley can't do it in cuffs by herself. Riley is then put in a chair as the man walks off. He returns with a head harness. It is buckled onto her head. Now comes the ponygirl bit gag. It is metal, with a large built in tongue port. Riley tears up more and gags as the gag is strapped in. The vigilante leaves her again. Her eyes water and copious amounts of drool stream down her chin and onto her chest. The vigilante returns and removes the gag. If she thinks about complaining about the rubber gag, then hopefully she'll remember this one and realize it could be worse. The man wanders off again to get more accessories. This is where Part 3 ends.

Categories: bit gag tongue port, jodhpurs, pony girls, riding Pants

Rights Vigilante Turns the Equestrian into a Pony - Part 2
32 photos 15 minute(s), 51 second(s) of video
Added 09/02/2014
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... You can now see how terrified Riley looks while wearing the contacts. These are true blackout contacts, not the cheap theater kind. Even though her eyes are completely open, she is blind. The vigilante removes her waist chain, and orders her up and then he orders her to strip, with her hands still cuffed in front. She stumbles as she struggles to strip. She eventually completes her task, except for her blouse and bra. The vigilante uncuffs her wrists and removes them for her, before cuffing her wrists behind her back. Now it's time for her PonyGirl harness. He puts it on her and then starts making adjustments and tightening straps. He asks her what her name is and when she doesn't respond fast enough, she gets more hard tit slaps. The next time she gets a zap from the shock collar around her neck. This is where Part 2 ends.

Categories: Busty, jodhpurs, pony girls, riding Pants

Rights Vigilante Turns the Equestrian into a Pony - Part 1
39 photos 16 minute(s), 37 second(s) of video
Added 09/01/2014
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He saw her a few months ago in the stables after an event. She was supposed to win, but did not. She blamed the defeat on her horse and physically took out her frustrations on the beast. He decided right there and then that he would teach her a lesson she'd never forget. Fast forward a few months and Riley is his captive. He has taken her to a deserted location. Riley is cuffed and gagged with a huge black ball. He leads her along a weed engulfed sidewalk and into an old cabin. This is where the transformation will take place. He puts her on the filthy floor and grabs her by her boots and drags her back. He then hogcuffs her and leaves. Riley struggles on the dirty floor, soiling her pretty white riding outfit. After a while, he returns. He lifts her and places her in a chair. He chains her waist to it. Riley is not cooperating fully yet. He grabs her tits hard. He then rips open her blouse and gropes her bare tits. He starts slapping them hard. He puts his hand over her ballgagged mouth and continues slapping them. Soon her poor tits are bruised. After a while of this, Riley starts to become a little more cooperative. The man removes the ballgag and tells her she is going to put in a pair of blackout contacts. The tits slapping will continue unless. She opts for the contacts, and the man cuffs her hands in front. She struggles, and it takes a while, but she gets the contacts in. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Busty, jodhpurs, pony girls, riding Pants