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As some of you may have noticed some updates disappeared a month or so ago. I have been slowly getting those updates back up. I might have a few more, but most have been re-posted. I just wanted to let everyone know because they are mostly on the last few pages where older members may not look. All billing has now been completely switched over to CCBill. Like I have mentioned before, Verotel recurring has stopped and members will need to sign up through CCBill if you would like to continue your membership. I do however plan on putting together a snail mail method of payment in the future. I have had a very busy summer, including an unexpected studio move which turned into a huge time consuming ordeal. That fiasco will come to an end soon, and I will have much more time to work on the site. I have a few more shoots planned for the next few months, and I still have 40-50 videos that still need to be edited. I will continue posting at least 1 clip per day, but I plan on more. Again, subscription prices will be going up at some point as well. New Pricing: I plan on making the initial subscription cost around $50 and then $25 recurring. I want this to be a membership site, not a sign up for a month site and download everything you can. I feel like the higher initial cost and lower recurring promote this thinking. That being said, I'd like to take advantage of the comment system to make the site more interactive, so if you have opinions, constructive criticism, shoot ideas, etc, then feel free to comment. I think that about does it for now. Thanks for your support! Eric

Current Members Please Read!!
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The move from Verotel to CCBill is complete. If you are a current Verotel recurring member, and plan on staying as a member, can you please cancel and rejoin using CCBill. I plan on eventually raising the initial Join fee, but plan on keeping recurring costs about the same and I don't want current members having to rejoin at the higher rate. The plan is to raise the initial Join rate to $45.00 and then recurring at $25.00. Here is the link to cancel with Verotel: Thanks for your support! Eric

lilmissnatalie shoot results
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I did a typical shoot with first time models... A kind of "get to know each other" set. Before we started, I asked if there was anything she wanted to try and she mentioned nose hooks. She also said she liked to be pushed. I knew that we would get along fine. Here is how the set started: Here are a few end result images: lilmissnatalie is a special kind of model that you don't run into very often. She actually whimpers when the tit slapping and ass spanking end, lol. I hope to see much more of her... unfortunately distance is the problem. I am about halfway through the editing process, so look for it soon. Eric

lilmissnatalie Shoot this week
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I have a shoot this week with a model that goes by lilmissnatalie. I will most likely do my standard "get to know you" shoot first. Depending on how we're both feeling after that, I am planning on doing some kind of nylon encasement/tape mummification. I asked her what she wanted to try, and she mentioned nylon encasement and Hitachi. I have a vision in mind, but would love to hear suggestions. I can't guarantee I can or will use them, but sometimes they can be inspiring. Thanks for your support! Eric

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