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Seated Strappado for Blue - Part 2
19 minute(s), 41 second(s) of video
Added 09/29/2017
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Blue sits on the floor while I get even more rope. I return soon enough and rope up her ankles. Next I tie her knees to her waist and then around her neck, forcing her upper body to her knees. I tie her ankles up off the floor. Next I pull her arms up behind her again and tie them up to a hitching ring in the wall. Blue is now in some very strenuous bondage... just how she likes it. I sit back and watch her struggle for a while. I'm not done with her yet though. I return and remove her shoes. I tie each of her toes back painfully. Soon after I tie rope around her gag and then her forehead. I force her head back and tie the rope off. Blue can do nothing now but wiggle back and forth a little. I leave her once again to endure the tight bondage. I finally return. I release her legs and arms from the wall and finally I ungag Blue. This is where the clip ends.

Categories: ballgag, barefoot, Brunettes, business attire, face bondage, feet and toes bondage, feet toes, gags, office attire, strappado

Seated Strappado for Blue - Part 1
15 minute(s), 19 second(s) of video
Added 09/28/2017
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Blue is a stay at home housewife. Her husband is on the road most of the week, and she's left at home. Blue also has a love of brutally tight bondage that her husband can't satisfy even when he is home. For a fee, I provide this service. This is Blue's 2nd visit. Blue stands with her wrists bound behind her back. I walk up and immediately shove a big red ballgag in her mouth. Next I hoist her wrists up high, forcing her to bend over into a strappado position. I go get more rope and shortly I am tying her legs. I tie her upper and lower thighs and then below her knees. Next I bind her elbows together. I walk away and watch Blue struggle in her bondage for a while. After a while I release her from the strappado and put her on her knees. I leave her while I go get a better gag. I remove the ballgag and stuff a huge squishy football shaped ball in its place. I tape it in tight with clear packing tape. I stand her up and then place her back on the floor, but seated this time. This is where Part 1 ends...

Categories: ballgag, Brunettes, business attire, gags