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Reality Bondage with Stoney - Part 2
17 minute(s), 19 second(s) of video
Added 11/20/2017
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I walk up behind Stoney with a Giant blue sponge. She laughs at the size of it and is a little bratty when I order her to open her mouth. I threaten her and give her a hard tit slap. She quickly opens her mouth to accept her mouth stuffing. I tell her to keep it open, but she doesn't listen and receives another hard slap. She opens her mouth wide and keeps it open this time. I let let sit for a few moments holding her mouth open wide before I start stuffing the sponge in. I start wrapping clear tape around her head, and when I'm almost done, she panics and I have to remove it. That's OK, it just gives me another opportunity to gag her again. I always look at the bright side. I get an ace bandage. she says that she thinks that will be much better. She has no idea, lol. I cleave gag her with it and then some black tape, and once again she panics and I remove it. I'm going to keep gagging her until I find one that will work. I get out my big spider ring gag and ask her if she knows what it's for. She giggles. I keep asking her after she's gagged with it, she keeps giggling and says things like, "to shut me up". Now that we have a suitable gag, I grab more rope and bind her lower legs a little better as the drool starts to stream from Stoney's mouth. After her legs are completely bound, I snip away her shirt and have some fun slapping and squeezing her nice firm tits. I finally remove the gag and she is relieved. It was a very tight fit and kept her jaw stretched to the max. I decide to ballgag her now. Once again, she panics from the ballgag. She was fine wearing it a few years ago. Who knows... That just means I get to gag her again. This time I stuff 2 huge pairs of panties in her mouth and tape them in with clear tape. Finally!... We have a very nice gag and Stoney isn't having a panic attack. Who would have thought? I inspect the gag and run my hand over it to smooth out the tape. I grab a bundle of rope. This is where Part 2 ends.

Categories: Brunettes, crotchrope, Open Mouth Gag, panty gags, sponge gag

Reality Bondage with Stoney - Part 1
27 minute(s), 22 second(s) of video
Added 11/19/2017
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I have not seen Stoney in several years, but she recently got back in touch and wanted to try some bondage modeling again. I like her and she did a pretty good job for me last time, so I agreed. I decided on a laid back shoot to kind of test the waters. The clip starts with her walking through the main entrance and then up 3 flights of steps. The 1st thing I notice is that she's now a brunette. It's actually just a wig. She had some temporary weird colors in her hair and knew I wouldn't like them. The next thing I notice is that she has gotten bigger. Not in a bad way though. She has added a few pounds of muscle. Her legs and ass look especially muscular. The clip cuts to Stoney standing in my studio withe her wrists bound behind her back. She can't change her mind and run away as she is neck roped. She waits anxiously and nervously as she squirms in her rope. I take a few pics before I get started. I know she does like to be spanked, so I grope, spank, and manhandle her for a while. I put my hand over her mouth with 1 hand and grope her firm tits with my other in between smacking her ass. She has to much movement though and needs to be roped up a lot tighter. I like to accentuate the ass, so I start by doing that with the rope and then I tie her upper thighs. I then wrap the rope around her hips and ass. A crotchrope is added which cinches up her "butt bondage". While I'm tying her we chit chat normally talking about everyday normal stuff. I stop to take a look at my work. I like it... I smack her ass again now that its in rope. I make her spread her legs both facing the camera and not so we can get a good view from both angles. She tells me that her tits are really sore for some reason today and asks if I not squeeze them so hard today. I'm a nice guy so I slap them instead. I then add several more cinched bands of rope on her thighs. Rope is added above and below her tits as a foundation for lots more. Now that her thighs are tied and she can't run away, I untie her neck rope and sit her in a chair. I untie the rope from around her neck. As much as I like to chit chat, It's time Stoney is gagged. The gags start in Part 2.

Categories: Brunettes, cleave gag, crotchrope, electrical tape, Open Mouth Gag