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Escape Artist Can't Escape, This is Fucking Intense - Part 2
21 minute(s), 51 second(s) of video
Added 11/18/2017
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(Here's a Youtube link too one of her performances This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I tell her to get on her knees. She hesitates, so I just pick her up and put her on the floor my self. She's still pretty upset at this point. I quickly return with more rope to tie up her lower legs and ankles with. Lots of closeups of Staysha's expressive face as I do this. I smack her ass hard several times and ask when she's going to escape and tell her I want to see some struggling. I walk away giving her another chance to escape. She struggles on the floor for a while but gets nowhere. She starts sobbing and you can tell she's really upset. I shove a shop rag in her mouth and seal it it with black tape. She's really sobbing at this point. I plan on hogtying her and I try to roll her on her stomach, but she fights me. I smack her ass, thinking this will persuede her. She still refuses. She gets a few more smacks. I think she's really being a brat so I force her onto her stomach and put her in a hogtie. She screams and fights like nothing I've ever seen before and this is all real. Staysha has a phobia of being on her stomach... I stop the clip and give her a chance to recuperate and to breathe. We cut back to the clip and Staysha is still bound on the floor and gagged. My plan was at this point to let her struggle and try to escape for a few more minutes. I do this, but I decide that she really needs to be hogtied. I Hogtie her, but leave her on her side as I do. She's still not happy about this at all as you can tell by her crying. I leave her to struggle while Hogtied now. I know this is a silly statement, but She still has not escaped. I straddle her, grope her tits, and ask her some questions such as: "I thought you could escape from anything?"... She shakes her head No. I then say, "You're completely helpless aren't you"... She shakes her head Yes. I ask her how she's tied and then I ask if she's hogtied. I tell her to tell me how she's tied again... she says "I'm Hogtied" I ask her if she can get out... She enthusiastically shakes her head No. Stayshe is still sobbing and moaning as I Ungag her. With Staysha kneeling, I grab her by her hair. She screams. I cover her mouth with my hand and ask if she wants to be gagged again. I then ask what I should win since she didn't escape. She says... "I don't know" I tell her I'm going to go take a nap. That will give her time to think of something. I then walk out the door, leaving her bound on the garage floor. This was a very intense clip. It was a very emotionally charged and intense hour for Staysha. I have never seen anything like this on video before. It was originally just supposed to be an escape artist who couldn't escape clip. When she couldn't I would gag and hogtie her. It turned into so much more than that. It's hard to explain, take a look at the preview clip to get a better idea.

Categories: barefoot, Blondes, crotchrope, Crying, electrical tape, Escape Challenge, hogtied

Escape Artist Can't Escape, This is Fucking Intense - Part 1
37 minute(s), 47 second(s) of video
Added 11/17/2017
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I just met Staysha 15 min before this was shot. She is an escape artist, (Here's a Youtube link to one of her performances and told me that she can get out of any bondage, so I decided to see if she could get out of my bondage. The clip starts with me tying, her bragging about her escape skills. I just smile, nod and continue tying her up. She is studying my every move looking for a weakness. I Completely bind her upper body and her legs above her knees. She is actually very ticklish as you'll be able to tell when I add the crotchrope and when I'm cinching her legs. Once I have her bound I start smacking her ass and manhandling her. I pull down her bra and grope her tits as well. She starts getting angry as I was just supposed to tie her up. I walk away and give her some time to escape. She tries and tries, but doesn't get very far. I walk up behind her and shove a huge, almost 3 inch, ballgag in her mouth. I add a little more rope as tears and drool flow from Staysha. I think she is starting to realize that there will be no escaping. When I'm done, I remove the ballgag. She's sobbing at this point, and She seems to have lost that cocky attitude she had when we started.

Categories: barefoot, Blondes, crotchrope, Crying, Escape Challenge, Lingerie