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Mizz Shutters Test - Part 3
33 minute(s), 7 second(s) of video
Added 11/10/2017
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This clip starts where Part 2 ended... I want to see how Mizz Shutters handles a few other gags. I gag her with an open mouth gag. I then grab her by her hair and grope her now bound tits. I ask her what she thinks a gag like this might be used for. She giggles, but doesn't give me an answer. I continue slapping her tits and twisting her nipple until I get the answer I'm looking for. I remove the gag and add another rope to her breast bondage. I have heard that she likes bit gags. Usually women who have a hard time coping with gags find the bit gag easiest. The one I have might change her mind. I bring out my metal one with the built in tongue port. She immediately starts gagging as I pull it back and into her mouth. I don't want vomit, so I back off and end up cleave gagging her with a smaller ace bandage. I tie up a few loose ends before putting her on the ground. I leave her there for a bit, but I soon return to hogtie her. I pull her head back by her hairtie and leave her to struggle. After a while, I roll her on her stomach and am about to tie her head back tighter and she starts saying she can't breathe. I know she might be having difficulty, but she can breathe. She's ready to be untied, so I make her beg for it. I start cutting the ropes off of her. I remove her gag. This was a very easy tie compared to what I normally do, but if you like mILFs that like bondage and great expressions then you'll enjoy this clip.

Categories: bit gag tongue port, Blondes, Breast bondage, cleave gag, crotchrope, hogtied, jeans, MILF

Mizz Shutters Test - Part 2
18 minute(s), 53 second(s) of video
Added 11/09/2017
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Description Coming Soon!

Categories: Blondes, Breast bondage, crotchrope, MILF, Open Mouth Gag, panty gags

Mizz Shutters Test - Part 1
24 minute(s), 52 second(s) of video
Added 11/08/2017
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Mizz Shutterz is a local who recently discovered her love for bondage. I have tied her off camera several times so I know she can't tolerate tight bondage for very long, but she is an attractive older tattoo free woman and I know many members will enjoy seeing her in ropes. I start by binding her wrists behind her back and then neckroping her to keep her in place. She smiles nervously, but the nervousness ends, at least temporarily, as I clasp my hand over her mouth and grope her tits through her sweater. I continue manhandling and smacking her ass for a while, before I continue binding her. She gets a crotchrope before I start adding bands of cinched rope down her denim clad legs. I turn her around and smack her ass again. So far I have done all the work, so I order Mizz Shutters to dance for us. She doesn't hesitate at all, and starts swinging her hips and ass back and forth. I would definitely frequent strip clubs more often, if the strippers danced while bound like this. I turn her around and she continues. At the end of the clip, I remove her neckrope and seat her in a chair. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Blondes, crotchrope, jeans, MILF, sweaters