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Star is Punished for Fighting Me - Part 2
25 minute(s), 34 second(s) of video
Added 11/01/2017
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I loosen Star's neck rope enough so that she can kneel on the concrete floor. You can tell by her face that she is in agony already, but it's only going to get worse. I remove her neck rope. I instead tie a rope to the front of her chest harness and tie it off overhead. This forces her to lean back and really makes it hard for her to breathe. I've said it once, but I'll say it again... Things are still going to get worse for poor Star. I tie each of her ankles to her thighs, effectively putting her in a very strenuous vertical frogtie. Drool and snot stream from her face as she moans and screams in agony. She looks like she might black out from the stress. I don't want that, as I want to her her lovely moans, so I help her out by adding a rope to the back of her harness and tying it off, putting her in a more vertical position. To make her even more stable, I add a crotchrope and tie it down and out in front to a hitching ring bolted to the floor. I tie a rope to the back of her crotch rope and tie it off up high behind her, making it even tighter. Star has already endured some time wearing nipple clamps, but she's not done. I re-clamp her already sore nipples, with the extremely strong, nasty, green ones. I give her tits a few more squeezes before I leave her. I have a sale to make, and I think with the pics I have taken so far, it should be an easy one. There is a huge market for the tall fashion model types with tits! All star can do is endure the tight bondage, clamps, gag, and crotch rope. Drool and snot run down her face as she yelps and moans. She sure wishes now she had been more compliant earlier. Once I have a buyer, I return and start to untie her as she needs to be prepped for shipment. After her gag is removed, you can truly see a huge improvement in her attitude. I'm a little sad I found a buyer so quick, as I think we could have had lots of fun together... Oh well, there will definitely be others.

Categories: breast torture, cleave gag, crotchrope, hogtied, nipple clamps

Star is Punished for Fighting Me - Part 1
27 minute(s), 35 second(s) of video
Added 10/31/2017
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Earlier Star was fighting me as I was restraining her. see what it got her. The clip starts with her standing in high heels, a tight skirt, and a sweater. She has a big red ball gag strapped tightly in her mouth, her wrists are bound behind her back, and she is neck roped. I have some clients interested in her, but first she needs to be tamed a bit. Making her stand in the heels for long periods of time will help, but I need to speed things up a little. I come in and roughly manhandle and grope her. I grab her by her tits and spin her around so I can smack her ass a few times. I get a pair of scissors and immediately cut away her sweater exposing her ample tits. A tall slender girl with tits this big is a rare commodity indeed, and should fetch a very high price on the open market! I clamp her nipples with some large heavy duty clamps and then I start binding her with more rope. Star is moving to much for my liking. I could get her roped up much faster if she would move around less. After I have a basic chest harness in place, I remove the clamps. Star moans in relief as I do. Her excitement is short lived though, as I put them right back on, but upside down and then tied off tight overhead! I continue binding star again. She whimpers, moans and drools as the clamps are constantly being tugged at as I bind her slender body. I remove the ballgag and replace it with a tight ace bandage cleave gag. This gag digs painfully into her cheeks and gives her multiple chins. I continue tying as poor Star moans in agony as the ropes get tighter and tighter. When I'm done roping her up, I remove the clamps. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: cleave gag, nipple clamps