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Audrey Knight, The Protestor Spanked and Hogcuffed
14 minute(s), 48 second(s) of video
Added 10/23/2017
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I'm losing money again. This building was supposed to have been demolished a week ago, but because of these protestors its still standing. Audrey is sitting outside today and has handcuffed herself to the building. I approach her and uncuff her using 1 of many of handcuff keys I own. I tell her that I'm taking her to the official protest area. I recuff her arms behind her back and take her away. The clip cuts to me leading her up flights of steps. She decides to get bratty and refuses to go further, so I simply throw her over my sholder and carry her the rest of the way. We cut to Audrey standing and cuffed to steam pips inside a steel cage. I walk in and start spanking her. I uncuff her from the pipes. I rip her shorts off and start spanking her ass again. I then sit down and put her over my knee and continue taking out my frustrations on Audrey. Her panties then com down and I continue the spankings even harder now. By now Audrey is becoming much more compliant. I put her on her knees on an old desk which is up against the steel cage. I uncuff her hands from behind her back and have her put them up on the cage for support as she's going to need it. Nows when I really start to spank her hard. After a while of this I stop and ask Audrey if she will be protesting at any of my job sites again and she agrees. To make sure I put her on her stomach and hogcuff her on the desk. I leave for a minute, but return with mouth stuffing and duct tape, which I use to gag her. I then leave her to struggle for the remainder of the clip. This clip was originally shot with 2 cameras, but the other footage was bad. Alot of the footage from the camera I have is at a weird angle as it was going to be used as security camera footage. Also there is not a lot of facial shots either including the gag scene : ((

This is an old clip shot on old SD cameras, so of course the quality is not going to be nearly as good as the new footage. I am having fun going through this old footage though and think it is worth posting.

Categories: barefoot, handcuffs, hogtied, OTK, outdoors