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DA Hannah Perez Captured, Bound, and tormented By 2 Parolees - Part 2
21 minute(s), 6 second(s) of video
Added 05/03/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Eric displays 2 huge pairs of satin panties in front of Hannah's face. He then works both pairs into Hannah's unwilling mouth. A full roll of vetwrap and black tape, make sure they stay there. They roll her onto the hard concrete floor and enjoy watching her squirm and struggle. It's obvious she is having a hard time with the extreme gag. It's not long before she starts to choke. They remove it. They have a better idea for a gag anyway. They ring gag her with a large spider ring gag. JJ announces that Hannah will later be giving lots of blow jobs while in captivity! Eric adds a rope cuff to her free ankle and ties it back. Hannah is now tied in a ball/hog tie hybrid. Hannah's hair is also tied back very tightly. Eric then walks over with a shiny metal thingamajig. Hannah wonders what it could possibly be used for. She soon finds out as Eric hooks her nostrils with it and painfully ties it back. Eric frogties her right leg as well, making her even more helpless. Nasty green clamps are applied to Hannah's poor nipples. Eric slaps her ass a few times and enjoys watching her twitch and jerk. They then leave, but soon return with sticks to poke and slap her with. Hannah is left on the floor, while Eric and JJ make some phone calls. It seems like there are many people interested in revenge. Hannah sure doesn't seem to be well like by anyone other than judges and other high powered attorneys. At the end of the clip Eric unties her knee from her neck to make it easier to transport her. He also removes the clamps.

Categories: balltied, Brunettes, business attire, hogtied, MILF, nipple clamps, nose hooks, Open Mouth Gag, pantyhose, Petite

DA Hannah Perez Captured, Bound, and tormented By 2 Parolees - Part 1
27 minute(s), 21 second(s) of video
Added 05/02/2018
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Hannah is a dirty District attorney who will do whatever it takes to make the big bucks, even if that means sending innocent people to prison. She uses her good looks and charms (A nice way to put it) to persuade judges and make deals with other lawyers (lieyers as I like to call them). Unfortunately for Hannah, she lives for the moment or instant gratification. She never stops to wonder what will happen when these innocent people get out. She finds out today. The clip starts with Hannah, wearing a skirt and blazer, kneeling on a hard concrete floor. She has a thick leather collar around her neck, which is padlocked to a rigid pipe, forcing her to stay on her knees. She is ball gagged and her wrists are bound behind her back with thick rigid steel cuffs. Eric walks in with JJ and tells her that this is the surprise he was telling her about. Both Eric and JJ have just recently been released and they are hungry for revenge! They walk up to their kneeling captive. They run their hands lightly over her as the taunt her. The collar is tight!, and JJ enjoys watching Hannah fight to breathe as Eric starts binding Hannah with rope. Once a chest harness is in place, he releases her wrists knowing she isn't going anywhere since her neck is still padlocked. They invite her to try and get up. She tries, but doesn't get very far. JJ tells her she'd better just get back on her knees before she hurts herself. Hannah must agree, because she complies. Eric then starts binding her arms. As her elbows are being welded together, JJ removes her ballgag. Hannah starts pleading with her captors, promising money. No amount of money will give JJ and Eric back the time they lost, nor will any amount of money compensate for the satisfaction that they will get tormenting her. They explain to her how they plan to keep her in a cage for the next 5 years. Hannah seems upset by the thought of this. Eric eventually rips open her blazer and manhandles some DA tits, before he continues to bind her with the unforgiving rope. In the process Hannah's skirt is removed and so are her shoes. JJ uses a thin paddle on her feet as Eric continues adding more rope. He ties her right knee to her neck, so there's no way she can run away, before taking a break to watch her struggle on the hard, dirty floor. It's not long before they are back. Eric ties a rope into her hair and then goes to get a gag as JJ holds onto the rope like a leash. It seems they have grown tired of Hannah's mouth spewing out promises and threats. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: balltied, Brunettes, business attire, pantyhose, Petite, posture collar

Hannah Perez Carried, Groped, Hogtied, and Gagged Multiple Times - Part 2
26 minute(s), 33 second(s) of video
Added 01/12/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ends... Hannah's captor gags her again. This time he cleave gags her extremely tight with and elastic ace bandage. He then binds her right tit with thin cotton string. He removes her gag and then binds her left tit in the same manner. He continues adding rope. Her ankles are crossed and bound. Her wrists are pulled to the side and tied. He is soon wielding several pairs of panties. They will soon be shoved in Hannah's mouth. He cuts away more of her sweater and then that's where they go. Once he has them in, her cheeks are bulging nicely. He seals them in with vetwrap and then tape. He fashions a little blindfold out of the remnants of her jeans. He wraps the tape over her eyes, and forehead, continuing alongside her nose and under her chin. She is put on the concrete floor and hogtied. Her captor is delighted as she struggles. After a bit he ties her head back using the rope in her hair. Poor Hannah is left to struggle again. At the end of the clip I have added some behind the scenes footage of Hannah being ungagged and untied.

Categories: Breast bondage, Brunettes, cleave gag, crotchrope, electrical tape, face bondage, hogtied, jeans, panty gags, sweaters

Hannah Perez Carried, Groped, Hogtied, and Gagged Multiple Times - Part 1
32 minute(s), 35 second(s) of video
Added 01/11/2018
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Hannah is carried over her captors shoulder. They end up in an old abandoned industrial factory. He gropes and manhandles her, and then he cuts the ass out of her blue jeans. He then binds and gags her. He leaves her to struggle. After a while the man returns. He ties a rope around her neck and makes her stand. He gropes her tits through her sweater as he smacks her ass. He positions her as he pleases, and all poor Hannah can do is mmmpph through the big red ballgag. He cuts the crotch out of her jeans as well. He then grabs more rope and starts binding her even more securely. He cuts away the entire front of her cute blue sweater. He gives her now bare tits a squeeze, before he continues adding more rope. He ties her elbows together and then wraps the rope around her body, above and below her tits. This is where art 1 ends.

Categories: Brunettes, jeans, Petite, spread eagle, sweaters

Greedy Bitchy Girlfriend Will do Anything for an Expensive Purse - Part 2
27 minute(s), 8 second(s) of video
Added 09/23/2017
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This clip starts where Part 2 ended. I remove her gag to see if maybe her attitude has improved, but not really. That's OK, I still have a lot planned! Hannah is a little more quiet as she opens and closes her mouth trying to stretch out her sore jaw. I grab her hair, hand gag her and then play with her bound tits for a while. She starts getting angry again, so I crotch rope her and then tie it off above, forcing her hips out away from the post. The rope is so tight that her panties pretty much disappear inside her. Her bound tits jiggle as I smack her ass a few more times. I then tie her elbows together. I get the camera out and start taking pics... She doesn't like this at all, but what is she going to do about it? All she can do is squirm and wiggle. After I feel I have enough photographs, I tie a rope in her hair and tie it tightly above. Now she just wants me to let her go. She doesn't even want the purse anymore. To Bad, I clamp her nipples with clovers and then cleave gag her with vetwrap and balck tape, going around the post as well. She has stopped her bitching at this point. She has a deep look of concentration as she endures her bondage, clamps and crotchrope. I tie a string to the right clover clamp and go around the crotchrope and then back to the left clover clamp, which pulls them tight. I'm still not done with her though. I untie her crotchrope, I pull it tighter, and then retie it. I'm still not done with her. I tie a rope to her elbows, pull them up, and tie it off overhead, making her bondage even more strict. I slap her ass a few times which jiggles her tits and the clamps before I leave her to endure her predicament. I grab my camera and take a few more snapshots. They will look lovely hanging on the wall! Her right nipple clamp eventually slides off. I ungag her and she still has an attitude. I walk away and leave her still bound for a few more hours. When I return it seems that Hannah's attitude has finally improved. She says "Please" and "thank You" as I release the crotchrope. I than tell her to get on her knees and she does so without hesitation. She might get that purse after all... we'll see.

Categories: Breast bondage, breast torture, Brunettes, cleave gag, crotchrope, electrical tape, nipple clamps, Petite, post/pole/tree tied, sponge gag

Greedy Bitchy Girlfriend Will do Anything for an Expensive Purse - Part 1
24 minute(s), 58 second(s) of video
Added 09/22/2017
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My Girlfriend Hannah is a real bitch. Always complaining... nothing is ever good enough. I hear through the grapevine that she plans on breaking up with me soon, but she wants to see what else she can get out of me before she does. She knows I love women in bondage, but she hates it. The furthest I've ever gotten is her wrists. I come up with a plan. I tell her I'll buy her a Louie Vatton(some overpriced purse with L's and V's all over it... Looks like a diaper bag to me) purse if she agrees to really let me tie her up. Of course she agrees to this! I've soon got her in my Man Cave shop area and have everything planned. She starts bitching about the tightness right away. She yells and complains when I pull her hair as well. As soon as I have tied at her waist to the chair and her wrists tied, I hand gag her with one hand and grope her tits with my other hand. I then reach behind me and grab a big red ball gag, and I shove it in her mouth... ahhh... Much Better!! Since she hates having her hair pulled, I pull her hair and continue groping her tits. Maybe she'll learn that there's nothing she can do about it and she'll stop bitching. She hasn't learned yet as she continues through the ballgag. She keeps getting more angry as I reach into her blouse and bra and start groping her bare tits, somewhat pulling them out. I decide the ball gag isn't good enough. I remove it and the bitching rampage continues. Good thing I have another gag. I grab her by her hair and show her a huge cleaning sponge. She is in disbelief that I'd even try and gag her with that. I am soon have the entire sponge shoved in her mouth and sealed in with many wraps of black vetwrap. She's still bitching, but now it's barely audible. This is the most peace and quiet I have ever had since I have been with her! Now I can continue having my fun! I grab a length of rope and bind her legs just above her knees as she struggles in agony to endure the extreme gag. I tie a rope around her neck and then I pull her blouse down and snip off her bra. This makes her really angry, but it's so much fun for me. I start getting a little more rough with her now. I slap and grab her tits hard a few times. I then give her a rope chest harness before I tightly bind her tits with thin twine. After her right one is bound I give it a good squeeze and then give it a good 4 or 5 slaps. I play with her bound tits for a bit before I untie her waist from the chair. I grab her neck rope and pull up, telling Hannah to stand. I tie her neckrope off up above. I slap her bound tits some more and her ass. I use her tits as a handle to position her before slapping her ass. I lift her skirt revealing her pretty white lacy panties. I then move her back to the post and retie her neckrope to a ring bolted up high through it. I leave her there to struggle for just a bit. I soon return to retie her wrists around the post. I then remove her neckrope. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Breast bondage, Brunettes, sponge gag