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A Matter of Family Honor - Part 2
22 minute(s), 57 second(s) of video
Added 05/12/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended. Poor Jennah's situation continues to get worse. The man now starts tying up her face. He attaches these 4 hooks to her nose and pulls them in all directions. Not that painful, but humiliating and a nuisance. Next, he ties her elbows together and then forces her wrists up, painfully wrenching her shoulders. She is tied this way. She is soon placed on the floor and arched into an excruciatingly tight hogtie. He uses the twine tied in her hair to force her head back as well. He leaves her for a while. When he returns he has a camera. He takes some pics and video to show the rest of the family. They will be amused by her telling them that she is a "Hogtied Whore Pig" multiple times through her very effective sponge and tape gag. They will also be amused by her pathetic begging to be untied from her hogtie. One problem solved, now to take care of her trying to take her husbands property. The man has an over seas friend who will gladly pay top dollar for such a cutie. Jennah is released from her hogtie and the man walks away to make transportation arrangements.

Categories: Brunettes, cleave gag, electrical tape, garter and stockings, harness gag, hogtied, nipple clamps, nose hooks, Petite, sponge gag

A Matter of Family Honor - Part 1
34 minute(s), 45 second(s) of video
Added 05/11/2018
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Jennah has been cheating on her husband and it's a family tradition to avenge the dishonor and disgrace brought on by her actions. To make matters worse, she has hired a lawyer to ascertain half of her husbands assets, even though she is the one in the wrong. A family member that Jennah has never met is sent. Jennah sits on the sofa reading a magazine when she hears a thump. She gets up to investigate and soon discovers the man in the house. He easily over powers her. He plays with her for a while before binding her wrists and ankles. He continues hand gagging her, but soon makes her gag a bit more permanent. He tightly cleave gags her with an Ace bandage. Jennah yelps from the pain the gag causes her. This just amuses the man whose brother she cheated on. He manhandles her on the living room floor, groping her, smacking her ass, and calling her a whore. He finds a chair in another room and lifts Jennah up and seats her in it. he adds several wraps of tape over the gag, making it even tighter. It's so tight now that a few tears form and roll down her distorted face. Jennah is roughly manhandled. She moans and yelps as he pulls her hair and twists her nipples. He removes her gag as he has another idea that will be more effective. A huge sponge is shoved in her mouth and then more tape is tightly wound around her head to make sure it stays there. He cuts away her sweater and applies clover clamps reinforced with rubber bands. He then grabs more rope and adds it above an below her tits, before hanging huge hex nuts from the clover clamps. Jennah's eyes well up again, much to the delight of her captor. As she endures the gag and clamps, the man starts adding more ropes to her stocking clad legs. She tries to stay still as she whimpers, as every movement causes a tug on her sore nipples. After he's done binding her legs, he removes the nuts and the clamps. They should be nice and tender now. He now nooses them with thin sting and then pulls the string to the side and ties it off. As Jennah's makeup runs down her face the man ties a rope into her hair. Yes, he is going to hogtie her and that hairtie will come in handy later. For now he ties it to the back of the chair so she is forced to keep her chin up. Part 1 ends shortly after.

Categories: Brunettes, chairtied, cleave gag, Crying, electrical tape, face bondage, nipple clamps, nose hooks, sponge gag

Jennah Likes it More than She is Willing to Admit - Part 3
22 minute(s), 54 second(s) of video
Added 02/10/2018
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This clip starts where Part 2 ended... I slap her bound tits a few times before binding her elbows together tightly. I add a simple chest harness as well. I grab Jennah by her hair again and manhandle her bound tits a little more. Drool starts flowing for around her gag as I add another length of rope to her already stringent bondage. I pick her up and slide her legs under the back rest of the chair until her hips catch and she can't go any farther. I tie her ankles up high on the pole behind her and then I hogtie her on the chair as tightly as possible. I slip a nylon over her head and tie it off tightly, forcing her head back sharply. Shortly after I put the heavy duty clamp back on her left nipple, but I seem to have lost the other one... she'll have to settle for just one. Jennah is left to whimper and endure her harsh bondage for a while. I return and have found the other clamp. Jennah screams hysterically as I apply it. I don't do it often, but I decide to show a little mercy and take them both back off. She had better not get used to it though. I sit back once again and enjoy the view and Jennah's whimpers and gag sounds. At the end of the clip I return to slap and grope her bound tits again. I decide she's had enough. I release her from her hogtie and pull her from the chair. I make her kneel as I remove her gag. Now it's time for her to pay me for my effort. This is where Part 3 ends. I added some behind the scenes footage of Jennah's nose being taped, her being Gagged and hooded.

Categories: Breast bondage, Brunettes, crotchrope, hogtied, nipple clamps

Jennah Likes it More than She is Willing to Admit - Part 2
32 minute(s) of video
Added 02/09/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... A big pink shop rag is stuffed in her mouth and then sealed in with clear tape. I rope her ankle and then I tie it off to the top of the pole where I tied off her wrists. Soon after I snug up her crotchrope by tying a rope to it and tying it off at the top of the pole as well. Since she has a stripper pole in her house, I order her to dance for me. She moans, and whimpers through her gag as she tries to sway back and forth. I eventually untie her leg, and then some heavy clamps are added to her nipples. I get out more rope and I tightly tie her legs with many bands of rope as Jennah whimpers through her gag. I also redo her crotchrope, but this time I start with many turns of rope around her waist making sure to cinch it. Then a new tighter crotchrope is added. After her legs are satisfactorily bound, I take a break and just enjoy the view. After a while, I return. I remove the nipple clamps and then pinch her sore nipples. She screams and tries to jerk away, but she obviously isn't going far. I sit her down in a chair as I continue to manhandle her. I untie her wrists and order her to put them behind her. She obeys. They are retied behind her back before I tie her tits up with very thin rope. Droplets of milk form on her nipples as her breasts are bound at their base and squeezed. This is where Part 2 ends.

Categories: Breast bondage, Brunettes, chairtied, crotchrope, nipple clamps, post/pole/tree tied

Jennah Likes it More than She is Willing to Admit - Part 1
11 minute(s), 4 second(s) of video
Added 02/08/2018
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Jennah is in denial, but she really likes to be the Damsel In Distress. She pays me every month or so to stop by and surprise her. I have a key so I just let myself in. She doesn't necessarily like the pain, but she likes being scared and the thought of what I'll do to her. She also knows that she is safe. I start todays session with her tied to a chair in front of her stripper pole. Her arms are in front. Her legs are spread and tied to a long spreader bar. Her wrists are tied to it and to the chair to keep her from raising it up. She is hooded and wearing an open mouth gag. This is very frightening to her, and I knew it would be. I grope her for just a minute and then I leave her alone again. When I see her start to panic, I remove the hood. I leave the open mouth dental gag in and I leave her nose taped. I untie her wrists from the spreader bar and the rope around her waist. I make her stand and I tie her wrists overhead to the top of the pole. Drool runs down her chin as I grope and manhandle my captive cutie. Her legs are tied so far apart that her ankles collapse to the side. I lift her shirt and pinch and twist her nipples before giving Jennah a tight crotchrope. I smack her ass before I remove her gag and the tape. Her tits get more attention. I smack and grab them both repeatedly. She starts making a little to much noise, so I clasp a Hand Over her Mouth and continue groping her. I finally untie her legs from the spreader bar as I have a new pretty position in mind. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Brunettes, crotchrope, electrical tape, hooded, Open Mouth Gag