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Ginary Hogtaped
27 minute(s), 24 second(s) of video
Added 05/21/2019
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Ginary walks through the door and a man quickly jumps out and hoods her. He quickly over powers her and tapes up her wrists. Shes shoved onto the coffee table. He gropes her tits and smacks her ass before he gags her with a huge red ball, and tapes up her ankles. He tells her to hold onto the roll of tape, before he lifts and carries her over his shoulder and out the back door. They arrive in his den a while later. He puts her on her knees and manhandles her more, ripping her shirt open in the process. He then tapes her arms together from wrists, almost to her shoulders. Her legs are bent and her calves are taped to her thighs. He notices that her ring gag has flipped. He removes it and gas her cleave style with wide microfoam tape. This is a very tight gag, but unfortunately the camera angle doesn't do it justice. A few wraps of black tape completes it. The man then smacks her feet and tits a few times with a thin wooden paddle. He then tapes her hands to her feet effectively hogtaping her. A stocking is stretched over her head. Her head is then taped back to her feet. The man then leaves her. She stays pretty still as her bondage is so tight, it takes all she can muster to even breathe, let alone try and escape. She whimpers every once in a while as she endures her tight bondage. The masked man returns after a while and puts her on her side, and leaves once again. The clip ends shortly after this. I added a little behind the scenes footage of Ginary being released from her tape bondage at the very end of the clip.

Categories: blindfolded, cleave gag, electrical tape, ethnic, face bondage, hogtied, hooded, leggings, Open Mouth Gag

Ginary's Test - Part 3
20 minute(s), 25 second(s) of video
Added 03/17/2019
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This clip starts where Part 2 ended... I help Ginary up and then to the floor. I grab some rope and immediately hogtie her. Her head is pulled back and tied to her feet. Tape is wrapped over her gag, making it even tighter. Finally she is nose hooked. Ginary is sweaty and they don't want to stay, but with a little adjustment, they do. I step back and enjoy the view of a sweaty Ginary, completely helpless and gagged. She really can't struggle, but she can twitch a little. After a while, I want a new view, so I roll her on her side, after taking the nose hooks out as one side had slipped out anyway. Now we can really see how tight the crotchrope, breast bondage, and gag really are. After Ginary has endured her bondage for a while on her side, I return. I have a little fun again slapping her bound tits. I attempt to clamp her nipples, but her tits are tied to tight for them to get a bite and they slide off as Ginary yelps through her gag. Not bad, flexible, a huge mouth, and she seemed to enjoy most of her ordeal. I think I'll have her come back. The last few minutes of the clip is of Ginary being released from her bondage. As you can see her recuperation is good as well... as son as her arms are free, she uses them to push herself up.

Categories: Brunettes, cleave gag, crotchrope, electrical tape, ethnic, hogtied, nose hooks, Petite

Ginary's Test - Part 2
27 minute(s), 6 second(s) of video
Added 03/16/2019
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... With Ginary seated, the first thing I do is tie some rope in her hair... it gets it out of my way, and it will come in handy later. It's definitely time for Ginary to be gagged. I walk away to get some gag materials, and I order Ginary to struggle for us while I do this. She tries to stand up, but realizes that is a bad idea. She sits back down and does a good job of struggling. I return with 2 shop rags. I'm lucky if I can fit 1 in most girls mouths, but Ginary seems to be blessed, and I think 2 will fit... Turns out I'm right! Many wraps of black tape seal them in her mouth nicely. I now turn my attention to her tits. I use some thin twine to tightly bind her tits. During this time Ginary seems to be concentrating as a few tears roll down her cheeks. After her tits are bound to my satisfaction, and after I have a little fun with them, I remove her gag. So far so good. Ginary was extremely nervous before we started, but so far she's doing a good job. After her gag comes out, I continue slapping and flicking her nipples. I give her a short gag break as I start to add more rope to her upper body. Her elbows are tied before I cleave gag her with an Ace bandage. The excess rope on her wrists is pulled up and tied off behind her neck, cruelly stressing her shoulders. More rope is tied around her arms and upper torso and cinched. I spin Ginary around in her chair like a display piece. This is where Part 2 ends.

Categories: cleave gag, crotchrope, ethnic

Ginary's Test - Part 1
25 minute(s), 14 second(s) of video
Added 03/15/2019
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Ginary wanted to be a Futile Struggles model. I like to run new girls through a test shoot. They usually end up hogtied, but in the process, I subject them to spanking, manhandling, a few different kinds of gags, and maybe some clamps. Ginary waits patiently, but nervously on her knees with her arms behind her back as I prepare. The first thing I do is get her wrists tied behind her back. I have a longer length than I need right now. I kind of wrap the excess around her wrists to keep it out of the way. I have plans for it later. I grab Ginary by her hair and start groping her tits with my other hand. I tie a rope around her neck. I use it to pull her to her feet before I tie it off overhead. I now commence groping and slapping Ginary's tits, ass, and thighs. I rip open her blouse and raise her skirt, exposing her white cotton panties. I rip her panties off and as I bring them up to her face, Ginary voluntarily just opens her mouth. I like her already! I continue manhandling Ginary for a while before I start roping her up. As usual, I wind some rope around her waist and then tightly between her legs. I start at her upper thighs and start working my way down. Lots of tightly cinched bands of rope when I'm done. Ginary has a nice ass, but it looked extra nice after the rope was applied. I turn her around and spend a little time smacking and squeezing it. At the end of the clip, I untie her neckrope from above and then I help her into a chair. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: crotchrope, ethnic, Petite