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Cat Burglar Breaks into the wrong House - Part 1
45 photos 17 minute(s), 43 second(s) of video
Added 11/09/2018
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Amanda has been terrorizing the neighborhood. A master thief, She has been breaking into houses at will... even in broad daylight! Today is her unlucky day though. She is captured by an angry home owner. She is played with, groped, taken to the basement, and tied up. She is not happy about her situation and lets the home owner know. For her efforts, He gags her with a huge dirty cleaning sponge. He makes her bondage even more strict by tying her elbows and her ankles. He pulls the hair of the captive catburglar before he lifts her blouse, exposing her perky, firm, tits. He manhandles her for a while as she squirms on the basement floor. He finally leaves her. She struggles and mmmppphs trying to escape for the remainder of Part 1.

Categories: Brunettes, pantyhose, Petite

Cat Burglar Breaks into the wrong House - Part 2
33 photos 19 minute(s), 40 second(s) of video
Added 11/09/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... The Home Owner returns to find Amanda on the hard concrete floor... No surprise there since he bound her tightly with rope. She still has to much movement for his liking though so her binds her even more thoroughly. He then lefts her onto a platform and ties ropes from her bondage up to a beam in the basement ceiling. A nylon stocking goes on her head and is tied back. He clover clamps her nipples and then ties them off to a post in front of her. What a pretty little display piece our cat burglar makes. The Home Owner leaves her helpless and muffled and goes back upstairs. At the end of the clip he returns and removes her gag to she what she has to say for herself.

Categories: barefoot, Brunettes, hogtied, nipple clamps, pantyhose, Petite, sponge gag

Needs More Cowbell
57 photos 23 minute(s), 55 second(s) of video
Added 10/18/2018
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The door opens and Amanda hops out into the fresh air. She's gagged with a rag and gray tape. She's bound with extremely rough and abrasive coconut rope...any movement or struggle and the rope bites into her tender flesh. She's leashed and wearing a cowbell around her neck... this way he always knows where she's at in case she manages to get off her leash, although that is highly unlikely. Her ankles are bound so she must hop to keep up with her captor. She tires and tries to stop... He smacks her ass and she whimpers and starts hopping again. She breathes heavy as she tries to keep up while severely gagged and wearing heels in the loamy sand. He finally stops and positions her up against a large post. He removes her leash and the cowbell. He then unties her elbows. He lifts her straight up and positions her arms around the post. He uses the barbed wire like coconut rope to tightly tie her waist to the post. Amanda moans as the rope digs in. Her captor then briefly examines his prize before getting more rope. He crotchropes her and then unties her feet and ankles. Her legs are then spread wide and tied off the wooden stakes driven deep into the ground. He now spends some time playing with his captive. He gropes her perky tits. Amanda moans as her eyes roll back into her head when he repeatedly slaps her exposed inner thighs. He leaves her for a bit, but soon returns with a thin switch. He cleans it with his pocket knyf right in front of her. He smacks her inner thighs with it, leaving nicely spaced stripes. He rubs it over her crotchrope and pussy lips. Amanda thrashes about as she is whipped again. He tosses the switch aside for now so he can enhance her bondage. Her upper thighs are tied individually to the post with more coconut rope. He leaves her again for just a short while, before returning with thin twine. He uses it to accentuate her tits for the switch. he picks it back up and starts whipping her tits with it. After a while of her tits being whipped the clip ends. I have added some behind the scenes footage of Amanda being gagged.

Categories: crotchrope, outdoors, post/pole/tree tied

Stripper Punished for stealing from The Club - Part 2
20 minute(s), 46 second(s) of video
Added 05/14/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Amanda is nowhere near done. I walk up behind her and tie her elbows tightly together. I then hike them up and tie them to the overhead hoist, chicken winging her. I now remove her crotchrope from the overhead hoist. I neatly tie it in front and then tie her wrists to it in back very tightly. I smack her ass a few more times and squeeze her tits hard, before I leave for a short while. I bring back twine. I tie one end to her left nipple clamp and then under a strap on her shoe and then the the right clamp. Her bondage is pretty restrictive at this point, but she can still lower her head. I grab a length of rope and tie her head back as well. At this point, Amanda can barely move an inch and her eyes start to tear up. Awww, I have no sympathy for thieves. I get out my camera and start to take some pics. Amanda is just standing there. No that's not going to work. I tell her to struggle and she starts wriggling, writhing, and mmmpphhing for your pleasure. I finally remove the clamps and her arms from the hoist. I make her get on her knees, where I squeeze, pinch and twist her sore nipples. With tears rolling down her cheeks, She swears she will not steal again. I kind of believe her.

Categories: crotchrope, Crying, nipple clamps

Stripper Punished for stealing from The Club - Part 1
19 minute(s), 21 second(s) of video
Added 05/13/2018
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I had my suspicions, but after I had the security cameras follow her all week, I now had the proof. Yes, Amanda was only reporting about half of all her dances. Amanda has been caught and now she must be dealt with. I ballgag and crotchrope her and then lead her into our big storage warehouse for some afternoon discipline. I run her crotchrope up to an overhead hoist and then I tie it off tight to the back side, tightening it even more! Now she can't go anywhere. I smack her ass hard a few times. She's going to dance for me now. I sit back and watch her struggle with the rope tight between her legs. Too much movement for my liking, so I make Amanda cross her legs while I bind them this way. I add six bands of rope and cinch them all tight. I manhandle Amanda and pull her tits out of her spandex bra. I smack her ass and pull on her already tight crotchrope. I leave her for a few moments and return with some clamps, which I promptly apply to her nipples. I sit back and watch as Amanda struggles in agony as she tries to maintain her balance with her legs tightly bound and crossed. She is a little loud for my liking, so I remove the ballgag and stuff a rag in her mouth. I tightly seal it in with clear packing tape. The clip ends shortly after.

Categories: crotchrope

Amanda Being Tied
13 minute(s), 33 second(s) of video
Added 05/02/2018
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A simple vid of Amanda being tied up.

Amanda's Hazing Continues - Crotchroped and Pantygagged - Part 2
36 minute(s), 44 second(s) of video
Added 02/05/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... With Amanda now securely bound, I grab her by her hair as I manhandle and grope her. I make her spread her legs and face the post. I lift her skirt and smack her ass hard. I stop and shove a big red ballgag in her mouth, before I commence with the spanking. I turn her back around and rip open her shirt, revealing hher pert breasts. I tie a rope around her neck and then tie it high on the post. I add rope cuffs to her ankles as well, but I don't tie them off just yet. I rip off her skirt and then add a crotchrope. I extend it over a ring hanging in front of her and then tie it to a concrete block sitting on a chair. The chair is removed. A clamp is added to her left nipple. As I apply it tears start to roll down her face. The sisters Love this! I try to get the same type of clamp on her right, but it doesn't want to take hold, so I use a clover instead. No harm in 2 styles of nipple clamps. I take a little time to run my hands up and down her legs and manhandle her a bit. I give each of her inner thighs a few hard smacks as well. I then snip off her panties. Amanda's ballgag is removed, and her panties are put in its place and then tightly taped in. That concrete block is definitely not heavy enough. I tie more weight on the end of the rope. I remove her right shoe, a 6 inch heel. This not the most comfortable shoe to stand in, but now she has to stay on her tip toes to try and relieve some of the crotchrope pressure. I remove the clamp on her left tit and replace it with a clover clamp as well. I tie a string through both of them and then tie them to a ring in the floor. I leave Amanda a lone for a while to endure her predicament. I return after a while, but not to release her. I remove her other shoe and then get out my camera to take a few snapshots. I then cut the toes out of her socks and tie her big toes up to her calves. I leave her in agony once again. When I return, I remove her gag and the clamps, but Amanda must stay in the rest of the bondage for another hour. I walk away and the clip ends. I have added a few minutes of behind the scenes footage at the end.

Categories: ballgag, barefoot, crotchrope, Crying, feet and toes bondage, feet toes, gags, neckroped, nipple clamps, panty gags, post/pole/tree tied

Amanda's Hazing Continues - Crotchroped and Pantygagged - Part 1
12 minute(s), 41 second(s) of video
Added 02/04/2018
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Amanda is sent back for more. She really wants in this sorority. This clip is of Amanda being bound. I put her in a tight box tie.