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Summer's Agonizing Post Tie - Part 2
28 minute(s), 56 second(s) of video
Added 10/15/2017
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This clip starts where Part ended... I roughly grab Summer's tits as I snip away her bra and blouse with a pair of scissors. I then add some of the tightest breast bondage that I have ever done to her. I then tie each of her tits up and out to the side, making it even tighter. I tie her elbows together behind the post and then I tie them to a ring bolted to the post. I tie her wrists up as well. Summer really shows off her flexibility here. Even though she's tied solidly to a straight post, her arms are pulled up behind her way past horizontal. She realizes she is in trouble now and she starts to get a little more vocal, moaning and yelping. I untie her, hair and retie it piggytail style. Each side is then pulled tight and tied off to the same point as her tits. Her head is forced back some and is being pulled from each side, which really limits her mobility. Now she really starts moaning in agony, and I'm no where near done with her! I clamp her nipples with clover clamps. Soon I am tying a thin rope to them and pulling them tight and tying them off to a ring up and out from her. Her muffled cries and moans get louder still! She begs through her gag not to pull on them, but today I show no mercy. Her tits are bound so tight that the clamps barely have anything to grip, so I can't pull the clamps as tightly as I would have liked. I sit back and enjoy the view for a while. It's not long before the right clamp slides and slips off. By now Summer's cries and moans make me feel a little sorry for her. I remove the other clamp and then cut the rope pulling her tits up. I was going to release her, but I quickly change my mind. I tie a rope around one of her big toes and I tie it off down and out in front to a hitching ring. I tie her other toe up to her ankles. I decide I am done with her at this point and I leave Summer sobbing, moaning, drooling, crying, and in agony.

Categories: Breast bondage, breast torture, Brunettes, crotchrope, feet and toes bondage, garter and stockings, nipple clamps, post/pole/tree tied

Summer's Agonizing Post Tie - Part 1
30 minute(s), 46 second(s) of video
Added 10/14/2017
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Summer is in trouble again and she needs constant discipline. Since I don't want her all marked up, I'm going to use strict bondage as a tool to help me today. Summer is a tough one, so it takes a lot to get to her. However, I have a plan today that I think just may do the trick. The clip starts with a ball gag being shoved in Summer's mouth and strapped in tight. We see that she's standing against a post on top of a concrete block in 6 inch heels. Her wrists have already been bound behind her back and around the post. There area also a few other bands of rope securing her to the post as well. I start adding more rope though. I start at her chest. I make sure to cinch everything. I tie a rope in her hair and tie it overhead. This will keep her looking straight ahead and will get her hair out of my way as I add more rope. In between adding more rope, I rip her shirt open, exposing her pretty black bra with rhinestones. I lift her skirt revealing her garter belt and shiny turquoise satin panties. As I'm about to start binding her legs, I realize that her skirt will just be in my way, so I cut it off. I add a crotchrope and a hip harness. I also tie and cinch her hips to the post as sweat pours from Summer's face. Summer's feet are her by this time as she has been struggling to maintain balance in her heels. She now realizes that she can left her feet because she is so thoroughly bound to the post. I soon slide the block away and tie her lower legs to the post as well. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Brunettes, crotchrope, garter and stockings, post/pole/tree tied

Summer Lost and Found - Part 2
24 minute(s), 39 second(s) of video
Added 09/25/2017
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Summer's bondage gets a little more strict and weighted clamps are applied to her tits. She is in pure agaony by the end of this one.

Categories: ballgag, barefoot, breast torture, Brunettes, Busty, crotchrope, feet and toes bondage, feet toes, gags, garter and stockings, nipple clamps

Summer Lost and Found - Part 1
20 minute(s), 16 second(s) of video
Added 09/24/2017
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Here's an old video of Summer that I never edited, but recently found on an old HD. It starts off with her seated on the table with her arms cruelly pulled up in a strappado. Her hair is tied overhead as well. She struggles to maintain this position while I tie her feet. I eventually give her a break and release her arms from being tied up high on the post. I continue tying her legs and by the end of Part 1 she is ballgagged. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: ballgag, balltied, barefoot, Brunettes, crotchrope, feet and toes bondage, feet toes

Summers Bad Desicions - Part 2
25 minute(s), 9 second(s) of video
Added 08/25/2017
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... The man tightly binds Summer's tits with the thin biting twine. Summer has no idea why he starts pounding nails into the post around her head. It's probably best that she doesn't. She soon finds out though when the man attaches hooks to the nail and then hooks her nostrils. It's just a tease of what is coming. He removes them and tapes her head completely to the post with clear tape. The nose hooks are applied again. Now he tries to apply heavy clamps to her nipples, but between how tight her tits are bound and her sweaty body, they won't stay. Summer still whimpers and yelps as the man tries for several minutes. He then hooks her side nostrils and attaches them to the nails he hammered into the post earlier. He then tightens Summer's crotchrope even more! She is left to endure her tight bondage as the man watches her as he sips a beverage. She moans, mpphs, and whimpers, but there's not much else she can do. As darkness falls, the man starts to untie her. He's going to let her in the house for the night, as she has chores to do. After he has her untied from the post, he orders her to her knees with her arms behind her back. In a few minutes she is allowed to put her hands out in front of her so she can crawl to the door.

Categories: blindfolded, Breast bondage, breast torture, Brunettes, Busty, crotchrope, Crying, face bondage, head encasement, nose hooks, outdoors, post/pole/tree tied

Summers Bad Decisions - Part 1
19 minute(s), 45 second(s) of video
Added 08/24/2017
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Summer makes a lot of bad decisions. Bad decisions have been the vehicle which have brought her to her current destination. Summer is tied up in an old shed. The door opens and a man walks out with a leash in one hand. At the end, Summer is tightly bound and is forced to hop with her ankles bound and wearing heels. After they make it across the huge yard, she hops up several steps to a dilapidated wooden deck. Summer's neck is soon being roped to a 6x6 support post. The man unties her wrists, just to re-tie them around the post. He plays with his captive, slapping and groping her tits, before he tightly binds her upper thighs. He then fashions a crotchrope and pulls it out in front of her. It is tied to a fence stretcher and pulled excruciating tight between Summer's quivering legs. More rope is used to bind her thighs above her knees and then tied to the post. She cannot move at all. Ropes are pulling her back towards the post and the crotchrope pulls her forward. Summer's nipples are then clamped with clovers. They are tied to a rope which is run through a loop overhead. The other end is tied to an old paint can which still has a few inches of dried paint in the bottom. More bands of rope are applied to her lower legs and then tied to the post. The man picks up a thin green tree branch and starts whacking her clamped tits with it. This really gets Summer upset. The man enjoys watching her squirm and yelp. He tightly grabs each of her tits again, before removing the clamps. He gets more gagged yelping from his tightly bound and gagged captive. He has other plans for her tits. He walks up to her with a handful of thin twine. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Brunettes, Busty, crotchrope, feet toes, hopping, outdoors, post/pole/tree tied

Summer Hung by Her Elbows - Part 2
29 minute(s), 9 second(s) of video
Added 05/23/2017
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Summer's captor removes her ballgag. He produces 2 large white wash cloths. He starts forcing them into her mouth. It takes a while, but he eventually gets both packed in. Clear tape is wrapped tightly around her head to make sure they stay put. You can tell that she is having a hard time coping with this gag! Her captor removes the rope around her waist and puts her on the floor. Her right knee is drawn up and tied to her chest while her other leg is tied off behind her very tightly. Summer is now in a hog-ball-tied. Her gag is removed. (Right around now the wide angle camera is not in focus for a few min) The man walks away and leaves her to struggle and whimper on the cold hard concrete floor. After a while the man returns. He unties her back leg and sits her up. He ties her elbows to an overhead hoist. Summer can maneuver somewhat to take the pressure off her arms, but that changes when her ankle is tied up behind her again. She is now tied just like she was on the floor, but she is hanging by her elbows. She moans as she spins around for our amusement. She has been ungagged for far to long. She is cleave gagged with vetwrap and black tape. It is wrapped around her suspension rope to keep her looking straight ahead and to make her bondage more restrictive. She spins and moans in agony as her captor takes pictures. He enjoys Summers reactions as he smacks her ass and pokes her with a long piece of thin bamboo. He doesn't do this for long though as he needs to get the pics he took sent off to some potential buyers. He plans on moving her fast... That's why he rolls up the empty pallet. He walks off leaving Summer hanging.

Categories: balltied, Brunettes, cleave gag, crotchrope, electrical tape, hogtied, pantyhose, suspension, sweater dress

Summer Hung by Her Elbows - Part 1
26 minute(s), 19 second(s) of video
Added 05/22/2017
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0

He lures her into an old industrial complex. Summer, wearing a sweater dress, shiny pantyhose, and heels, slowly walks up several flights of steps and then down several long hallways. All of a sudden, out of nowhere he quickly appears. He clasps on hand over her mouth and pins her arms with his other. Summer is dragged through a door. Once inside, she is shoved up against a post. He shoves his knee between her legs, pinning her to it. He warns her about making any noise before removing his hand from her mouth. He binds her wrists behind her back. He forces her to sit in a chair before tightly strapping in a big red ballgag. A rope is then tied around her waist to keep her in the chair. All Summer can do is moan and drool as her captor begins binding her more thoroughly. He adds rope around her chest and then to her left ankle and foot. Her elbows are tied tightly together and then she is chicken-winged. Another rope is tied to her right thigh. Her captor then walks away. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Brunettes, pantyhose, sweater dress

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