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Casino: Cruel Gags for Sass - Part 3
22 minute(s), 8 second(s) of video
Added 03/12/2018
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This clip starts where Part 2 ended... Sass is still not talking. Ace gives her a little time to think about her decision as he ties her hair up with rope. Even after being nice and giving her some ungagged time, she still has nothing of importance to tell him. He cleave gags her with an entire roll of vetwrap tight. He then starts adding more tape to her body. He removes the gag after a short while, but sass is resilient. He finishes up with the taping he wanted to do before he re-gags her with a large open mouth spider ring gag. He then nose hooks her. The hooks are extremely tight. He plans on hooking the side of her nose, but the upper ones are pulling so tight that there is really nothing to hook on the side of her nostrils. He clamps her nipples and this gets a reaction of yelps and whimpering from sass. He leaves her this time. She wonders how long she'll have to stay like that. Ace finally returns and removes the gag, hooks, and clamps. He has run out of time with her for now. He prepares her for the evenings entertainment. A suite is often set aside for the high rollers and Sass taped up tight, collared, hooded with a nylon, and her mouth wide open will be quite the entertainment! He wraps tape around her eyes as well, as the high rollers like to stay anonymous. Ace leaves her there for now. Security will be down in a while to transport her to the suite. Then tomorrow her interrogation will continue.

Categories: black girls, blindfolded, Breast bondage, Brunettes, chairtied, cleave gag, electrical tape, face bondage, mummification, nipple clamps, nose hooks, Open Mouth Gag, panty gags, posture collar, Tape Bondage

Casino: Cruel Gags for Sass - Part 2
37 minute(s), 4 second(s) of video
Added 03/11/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Ace removes sass's skirt and then cuts off her blouse. He then slathers her up with oil. He tapes up her thighs and then wraps tape tightly around her waist. He runs the tape up between her legs and across her ass. When he's done he turns her around. Ace gropes, manhandles, and smacks her taped up ass. He then unties her gag from above and puts her in a chair. He removes her gag and asks her who else was in on setting up the slot machines. Sass obviously has been trained to not talk under stress as she says nothing. Ace tapes her to the chair at the waist. More tape is added to her thighs as well. If Sass has nothing of interest to say then she might as well be gagged. Ace cleave gags her with, You guessed it... an Ace bandage! He tightens it further by wrapping black tape on top, but he doesn't stop there. He adds wrap after wrap around her forehead and then down and under her chin and then back up along her nose. The gag is painful, and there is no adjusting as her entire face is taped tight. Ace then continues taping Sass to the chair. Sass starts to make some noise and starts to twitch about... maybe she wants to talk? Ace removes her gag, but she says nothing. An extra huge sponge is shoved in her mouth next. Wrap after wrap of black tape, from right under her nose to almost the bottom of her chin, seals it in place. Once again Sass has to endure the gag as Ace continues taping her to the chair. He decides to see if she wants to talk after a while, so he removes the giant sponge gag. She still has nothing to say. Her eys are now teared up so Ace knows he is making progress. He inserts a pump gag into sass's mouth next and pumps it up as much as possible. Sass's cheeks bulge out as Ace wraps tape around her head to make sure the slippery rubber plug stays put. Once again Ace continues mummifying sass to the chair. After a while, He gives her another chance to say something of use, but she refuses. Several pairs of large dirty panties are shoved in her mouth next and taped in with clear tape. A 3rd pair is put over hear head with the crotch right on her nose. He uses a small piece of rope to pull them tighter over her face. This time Ace uses a thinner red tape to tightly bind sass's large tits as she struggles to breathe through her panty hood. At the end of the clip Ace removes the panty hood and the panty gag. This is where Part 2 ends.

Categories: black girls, Breast bondage, Brunettes, chairtied, cleave gag, electrical tape, harness gag, head encasement, panty gags, pump gag, sponge gag, Tape Bondage

Casino: Cruel Gags for Sass - Part 1
10 minute(s), 7 second(s) of video
Added 03/10/2018
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3 slot machines had been tampered with and Sass, dressed in a skin tight skirt was blocking the surveillance cameras and distracting security that monitored all 3 machines. Coincidence?... Ace thinks not. He finds Sass several levels below in the bowels of the casino. She is hogcuffed and gagged with a huge harness ballgag. Ace gropes and manhandles his captive cheater before he rolls her onto her stomach. He disappears for a short while as Sass continues to struggle in her cuffs and chains. He returns with more chain. He chains her head back by means of the D-ring on the back of her gag. He leaves her to struggle once again. When Ace returns, he unlocks the chain pulling her head back and releases her from her hogcuff. He lifts her to her feet. He manhandles her more as drool runs and drips out from behind her gag. Soon Ace uses the D-ring on her gag to tie it overhead. Sass moans as Ace pulls her crotch chain up deep inside her. He grabs her by her tit and starts smacking her ass with his other hand. At the end of the clip he removes the chains, but leaves Sass in her cuffs.

Categories: black girls, crotchrope, harness gag, hogtied