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It's Fun to Torture Polly - Part 2
20 minute(s), 22 second(s) of video
Added 05/24/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I untie Polly's right leg. She might think I'm letting her go, but she'd be wrong. I instead use the same rope to tie her leg off to a ring bolted to the post above her head. She's now forced to stand on just her left leg, which is still pulled out to the side and tied to the table leg. Polly starts to sweat! I help her out a little by tying rope around the back of her thigh, around her torso, and around the back of the post. I cinch everything up of course. By the time I'm done, Polly is REALLY struggling to stay on her 1 leg. She is continually shifting her weight, bending her knee and straightening it out. I decide to help her out with this. I tie another length of rope to her crotch rope and then tie it to the same ring that her right ankle is tied to... and she thought that the concrete block digging into her pussy was bad! Her left leg does get some relief though. I clamp her nipples again. this time I use clover clamps. I tie a string to each of them and then tie them off tightly to the floor and to her left ankle rope. I'm still not done with her though... I tie a rope around her neck and then tie it off overhead and to the left. Polly is really in agony at this point... She is still struggling to stand as she endures the crotch rope. She trembles as the sweat beads form and drip off her brow. After a while, I release her from the crotchrope, clamps, and gag.

Categories: cleave gag, crotchrope, electrical tape, nipple clamps, post/pole/tree tied

It's Fun to Torture Polly - Part 1
21 minute(s), 59 second(s) of video
Added 05/23/2018
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Polly anxiously waits standing against the post, wondering what I'm going to do to her today. She is both frightened and excited at the same time. After a short while, I pay her a visit. I roughly manhandle her... pulling her hair and groping her tits. I make her spread her legs as I run my hands over her thighs. I add a thick knotted crotchrope. It is pulled up and over a ring hanging from the ceiling. I pull up a chair underneath with a concrete block sitting on it. Her crotchrope is tied to it, before I remove the chair. The weight of the block is now being applied to Polly's pussy. I grab her by her hair again and continue groping her. I pull her blouse up exposing her pretty tits. I get a little more rough now as I start slapping them hard as well as squeezing them. After a while of this, I run a rope through her huge ear holes and then around her neck and then around the post. I clamp her nipples with the green clamps. I leave her to endure the crotchrope, and I enjoy watching her expressions as she does. I have more planned for Polly though. I scoot the table behind her right up against the post and then I make her spread her legs again. I tie her ankles to the legs of the table. I then go back to manhandling poor Polly. I eventually remove the rope around her neck. Polly makes an unfortunate remark and she'll pay dearly for that. I slap her face several times before I cleave gag her with an Ace bandage and black tape, to make it a bit tighter and more effective. I then tie her to the post at the waist. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: cleave gag, crotchrope, electrical tape, nipple clamps, post/pole/tree tied

Polly Post Tied - Part 2
31 minute(s), 5 second(s) of video
Added 10/09/2017
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended. Dr. Cupcakes yanks her panties up before he cuts them off of Polly. He shoves them in her mouth and tells her to keep them there. She knows that if she spits them out on the floor, he'll shove them right back in her mouth with floor dirt on them and who knows what else. He rigs up a hitachi between her legs. The concrete block is removed from under her feet, leaving her suspended on the post. Her legs are then pulled back and tied around the post nice and tight as the vibrator hums away. He adds more rope around her thighs, but takes a break to grope her tits and pinch her nipples. Tiny C-Clamps are clamped on her nipples and then tape is wrapped around her panty gag. Soon after her buckles a leather harness muzzle over the panty gag. He ties a length of rope to the gag and then ties it above to keep her from looking down. He ties string to the clamps and then pulls and ties them to the pipe that the hitachi is taped to. He walks away. He returns and slaps her tits with a thin wooden paddle for a bit. He also ends up removing the single sleeve arm binder. He ties her wrists behind her back. Her left nipple clamp eventually slides off. He removes the other so they are out of his way. He stands behind Polly and gropes, squeezes, slaps,and pinches her tits. He walks away once again leaving her with the vibrator still firmly planted between her legs. When he returns he removes her muzzle gag and then her panty gag. He continues to play with her tits. He puts the Hitachi on low and then continues playing her her tits and ears. Polly cums without asking permission. She's going to pay for that, but that will be a future clip. Dr. Cupcakes simply walks away leaving Polly bound on the post.

Categories: breast torture, garter and stockings, harness gag, nipple clamps, panty gags, post/pole/tree tied, posture collar

Polly Post Tied - Part 1
23 minute(s), 1 second(s) of video
Added 10/08/2017
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Today polly is Dr. Cupcakes bondage captive. He has a lot planned for her today. He leads her in by her ear. He then grabs her by her tit and makes her sit. He chains her handcuffs and leg iron around a rung in the chair and then to a ring bolted to the floor. He grabs her by her hair and then gropes his girdle bound captive. He then buckles a posture collar around her neck. He hoods her with a spandex hood and then shoves a ballgag in her mouth. It takes some work to actually get the ballgag to fit, but Dr. Cupcakes is a patient man and he finally forces it in. He leaves her seated for just a short while, before returning. He releases her from the chair and stands her up against the post. He ties a length of rope around her chest and the post so she can't go anywhere. He slides the ropes up and then slides a concrete block under her feet so she's a good 6 inches or so off the ground. He adds more rope securing her to the post. Her handcuffs are removed and a single sleeve is slipped over her arms. He has never used one before, but as we know, he is always experimenting and trying new things. Once it is laced and buckled, he lifts her girdle, revealing her garter and shiny satin purple panties. He slaps her ass a few times before using more rope to make a hip harness. He then removes her leg irons, ballgag and hood. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: blindfolded, garter and stockings, head encasement, hooded, leather, post/pole/tree tied, posture collar