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Dolly's Test - Part 2
36 photos 18 minute(s), 9 second(s) of video
Added 08/31/2018
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Part 2 starts with Dolly Bound and gagged lying on the floor. She struggles and mmpphs for a bit before I return. I manhandle her and smack her ass a few times before I hogtie her. I once again leave her to struggle and moan. After a good while I return again. This time I hood her with a nylon and criss-cross black tape over it to make sure it stays on. The excess nylon is tied off to her hogtie rope, forcing her head back. I roll Dolly onto her side and leave her yet once again. When I return yet again, I have a wooden spoon with me. I take some pics of her. I then put the spoon to use. I smack her bound tits with it repeatedly while she twitches and screams through her panty gag. I finally remove her hood and gag. She thanks me and the clip ends. I think she passed her first test.

Categories: hogtied, pantyhose

Dolly's Test - Part 1
66 photos 35 minute(s), 31 second(s) of video
Added 08/30/2018
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Dolly wanted to model for FutileStruggles, so I decided to do a test shoot with her. The clip starts with Dolly, a tall cute redhead, already lightly bound... Just wrist and ankles. A huge red ballgag is immediately stuffed in her mouth. She is then left to struggle. After 5 min or so the jaw stretching gag proves to be too much for our new damsel. I remove it and stuff a large pair of panties in her mouth as a substitute. I wrap her head with clear packing tape to seal them in. Soon after I rope up her legs nice and tight. I tie her thighs in 2 places and I also tie her lower legs in 2 places. Once again, I leave her to struggle for a while. When I come back, I smack her ass and grope her tits for a while, and in the process her blouse is ripped open, exposing her pretty white bra. Dolly, is once again left to struggle. I return after a while with a chair. Dolly is lifted onto it so I can more thoroughly bind her. I do just that. After I'm satisfied, I wrap vetwrap around her gag, cut off her bra, clover clamp her nipples, Tug on the clover clamps, and then bind her tits. After all this I once again leave poor Dolly to struggle. I return and remove the clamps, but that's just so I can squeeze and slap them more easily. I finally tire of this and move Dolly to the floor. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: pantyhose