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Dolly's Tape bondage Nightmare - Part 2
50 photos 28 minute(s), 21 second(s) of video
Added 01/24/2019
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... As told by dolly The man spins around my taped body several times, then walks away. I'm left to struggle and moan. The man eventually returns. He ties a length of rope in my hair and then ties it off, further limiting my movement. He relaxes in his recliner once again. He of course starts poking me with a stick as he does so. He then seems to have an idea. He gets up and comes back with rope. He wraps it around my waist and sits back down. He pulls on the rope and when he does I spin like a top. He seems to be enjoying himself at my expense. He then picks up the stick and starts poking my bound tits again! He's not done with the tape yet though. Cotton pads are put over my eyes and then he tapes up my face. My nipples are pinched by something excruciatingly tight! I scream as the pressure is applied to each nipple. He then tapes up my hands! Just when I think I can't go on he does something else that makes me completely forget about what I could barely stand a minute ago. He once again leaves me to struggle and mmphh. He finally returns, but only to spin me around again. I'm his playtoy. He leaves me once again and that's all I remember. At the end of the clip I show some footage of Dolly being released from her tape mummification.

Categories: Brunettes, face bondage, post/pole/tree tied, Tape Bondage

Dolly's Tape bondage Nightmare - Part 1
72 photos 34 minute(s), 39 second(s) of video
Added 01/23/2019
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"have you ever had a dream that you were certain was real?" Dolly had one of those the other night. She tells you all about it... I dreamed I was taped to this contraption made of pipe. I was standing, a little over a foot in the air in the middle of this old creepy concrete industrial building. I was wearing a black sparkly blouse and a tight gray mini skirt. My waist was taped to a pipe and I was standing on another pipe running perpendicular to it. I was gagged with an elastic bandage. My wrists were securely taped behind me as well. What was really creepy was the guy sitting on a recliner like it was his living room and I was his entertainment! He was also whittling a long stick!! I struggled and whimpered through the gag as he sat there relaxing and whittling. He finally gets up and approaches. He adds more tape to me... red tape. He then gropes and squeezes my tits through my blouse. He then turns me... the pipe contraption allows him to turn me anywhere he wants. It's like I'm on a vertical spit. He runs his hands up and down my body and then starts slapping my ass. He unzips my skirt and lowers it to my ankles. He then starts cutting away at my blouse before he adds more tape, this time black. He runs tape between my legs and around my waist. Then he tapes my ankles, knees and thighs. More tape criss-crosses over my legs. Then he starts cutting at my clothing again. It is not long before my shirt is gone and I'm standing there in just my bra. An then just like that. he removes it and I'm topless. He gropes my now bare tits and I am helpless to do anything about it. He takes a break and sits back in his chair. He picks up the long stick he was whittling at earlier, and starts poking me with it. He pokes my tits and then slaps them with it... Not overly hard, but its very irritating... kind of like water dripping on your face. When he tires of this he adds more tape. This time he wraps black tape on top of my gag. It is now excruciatingly tight and painful! He leaves me in agony. He returns and completely removes my gag. He then clips a fishnet stocking over my head and stuffs my mouth with a large rag. He tapes it in completely with orange tape. More orange tape secures me to the post above and below my tits. Then he uses a pinkish-purple tape to bind my tits. He starts at the base and wraps it very tightly around each tit, making them bulge and stand straight out. He starts at my ankles and wraps my legs completely with red tape. What's he going to do, mummify me? He takes another break and pokes me again with his long stick. After this goes on for a bit he starts in with the red tape again until my entire upper body is taped as well. Even my arms are taped together and then taped to my body. Part 1 ends soon after

Categories: breast torture, business attire, pantyhose, post/pole/tree tied, Tape Bondage

Employee Discipline - Dolly Volunteers - Part 2
40 photos 24 minute(s), 25 second(s) of video
Added 11/20/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Dolly sits bound in her office chair ungagged, but that's about to change. Eric soon stuffs a huge sponge in her mouth and tapes it in. The sponge is to big and Dolly starts choking. Eric removes it and explains that sometimes he gets a little to ambitious. He gags her with the same white ballgag that she wore before. He then adds some heavy duty clamps on Dolly's nipples... They seem extra sensitive today, lol. Eric adds more rope. Her elbows are tied and then pulled up to the overhead pipe. Her forearms are tied to the vertical pipe in the back of the chair. Her bondage is getting pretty strict at this time. Eric continues dispensing business and bondage advice as he works. He nose hooks her next and ties those to the overhead pipe. He ties her nipple clamps off tight to the front of the chair. He then spins Dolly around so everyone can get a good look at her and her bondage from all angles. Eric walks away and leaves dolly to endure the bondage. When he returns he gropes her clamped tits and smacks them lightly. He spins her around a few more times. He takes some pics as they will be posted on the employee part of the company website. He then removes the clamps and starts groping and smacking her tits. Eric signs off and explains that he'll be taking Dolly with him. He's going to roll her through the office area and then leave her in the break room as entertainment for the other employees. He rolls Dolly away and the clip ends.

Categories: business attire, Busty, nipple clamps, nose clamp, pantyhose, sponge gag

Employee Discipline - Dolly Volunteers - Part 1
40 photos 48 minute(s), 3 second(s) of video
Added 11/19/2018
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Are your profits not what they used to be? Can you succeed and prosper in this down economy? If you answered "yes" to the 1st question then you NEED this collection of video. If you follow business Guru Eric Cain's formula then the answer to the 2nd question is a Most Definite YESSS!! This is the first of many, where Eric shares his secrets for success! In this first episode he explains employee relations. Dolly has "volunteered" to to help him demonstrate. In this non-scripted series, Eric speaks from the hip as he demonstrates a new employee discipline technique he recently thought of. The clip starts with Eric shoving a ballgag in dolly's mouth. We then see that her wrists are bound behind her back and she is tethered to a post by means of a leather strap around her neck. Eric explains what he'll be doing today and also how he modified the office chair as Dolly remains bound and gagged behind him. Eric leaves Dolly at the post while he takes a break and gets a few items that he'll need for todays show. When he returns he removes Doll's neck strap and sits her in the chair. He gabs a bundle of rope and starts binding her legs. The video has times where Eric spews sage advice and tips as he ties Dolly to the chair and at times he is silent so you can let what you've heard sink in. He discovers that Dolly is not wearing a bra... actually she is bare chested under her blue blazer. He goes on to mention that at his company there's no rule against that! As the tie progresses he shows how he adds tie off points to the chair by means of 1 inch pipe and the fittings he showed and described at the beginning. He also at certain times turns Dolly in the chair so you can get a good view of the entire tie. He ungags Dolly, and right away she offers to come in early and stay late... As you can see this technique is working already!! Eric orders her to struggle so he can demonstrate how the bondage becomes more and more effective as he adds more rope. Rope is tied into her pigtails and then tied off to the cross pipe above her head. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: business attire, chairtied, leather straps, pantyhose, post/pole/tree tied

Dolly's Test - Part 2
36 photos 18 minute(s), 9 second(s) of video
Added 08/31/2018
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Part 2 starts with Dolly Bound and gagged lying on the floor. She struggles and mmpphs for a bit before I return. I manhandle her and smack her ass a few times before I hogtie her. I once again leave her to struggle and moan. After a good while I return again. This time I hood her with a nylon and criss-cross black tape over it to make sure it stays on. The excess nylon is tied off to her hogtie rope, forcing her head back. I roll Dolly onto her side and leave her yet once again. When I return yet again, I have a wooden spoon with me. I take some pics of her. I then put the spoon to use. I smack her bound tits with it repeatedly while she twitches and screams through her panty gag. I finally remove her hood and gag. She thanks me and the clip ends. I think she passed her first test.

Categories: hogtied, pantyhose

Dolly's Test - Part 1
66 photos 35 minute(s), 31 second(s) of video
Added 08/30/2018
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Dolly wanted to model for FutileStruggles, so I decided to do a test shoot with her. The clip starts with Dolly, a tall cute redhead, already lightly bound... Just wrist and ankles. A huge red ballgag is immediately stuffed in her mouth. She is then left to struggle. After 5 min or so the jaw stretching gag proves to be too much for our new damsel. I remove it and stuff a large pair of panties in her mouth as a substitute. I wrap her head with clear packing tape to seal them in. Soon after I rope up her legs nice and tight. I tie her thighs in 2 places and I also tie her lower legs in 2 places. Once again, I leave her to struggle for a while. When I come back, I smack her ass and grope her tits for a while, and in the process her blouse is ripped open, exposing her pretty white bra. Dolly, is once again left to struggle. I return after a while with a chair. Dolly is lifted onto it so I can more thoroughly bind her. I do just that. After I'm satisfied, I wrap vetwrap around her gag, cut off her bra, clover clamp her nipples, Tug on the clover clamps, and then bind her tits. After all this I once again leave poor Dolly to struggle. I return and remove the clamps, but that's just so I can squeeze and slap them more easily. I finally tire of this and move Dolly to the floor. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: pantyhose