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Crystal Frost is left for me as a Gift! - Part 1
64 photos 26 minute(s), 41 second(s) of video
Added 10/30/2018
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I got to work the other day and my friend JJ had left me a gift. She is a security guard where I work and she often apprehends prostitutes hanging out in the parking lot. She very much dislikes them and usually spends the rest of her shift tying them up and humiliating them. She thought I might like this one, a hot blond blue eyed cutie, and she was right. I don't have much going on tonight so I'll have lots of time to spend with my captive tonight. The clip starts with Crystal already hogtied and gagged laying on the floor. A door opens and I walk in to find my surprise! I grope her bound tits as I make plans for her. The clip then cuts to Crystal standing. I have her by her hair with 1 hand, and my other is shoving a huge pair of panties in her mouth. After they are stuffed all the way in, I wrap her head with clear tape multiple times. JJ had done a good job of tying her up, but I want to make the bondage a tad tighter, so I bind her arms behind her back while Crystal moans into her gag. I put her back on her knees and remove the gag. I tell her if she stays quiet that I'll leave her ungagged for a bit. I add a few more ropes, before I rip open her blouse. I squeeze and manhandle her now exposed tits as I continue to bind her. Once I have her arms bound and her chest harness complete, I grope and smack her tits for a while. I then stand her up and remove her skirt. I now smack and slap her ass. I put Crystal back on the floor on her stomach. I go get more rope as she rolls around for your enjoyment. I come back and tie each of her ankles to her thighs. I add more rope completely tying her thighs to her calves. I take small breaks as I do this to grab and slap her ass. I take some pics so I can show JJ later how much fun I was having. I add a little more rope while Crystal lays helplessly. This is where Part 1 ends.

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Crystal Frost is left for me as a Gift! - Part 2
54 photos 24 minute(s), 24 second(s) of video
Added 10/30/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I lift Crystal to her knees and tie her rope harness off overhead. A rope gag is added, as well as ropes around her forehead. They are tied and cinced to the rope pulled tight pulling her up. At this point I stop and take a few more pics. Since I still have plenty of time left, I bind her tits very tightly! I add a crotchrope and pull it up over a pulley and then tie it off very tightly to a hitching ring bolted to the floor. I tie another rope to her rope harness and then tie it off to another hitching ring bolted to the wall behind her. Crystal is now tied very tightly and is being pulled every which way! By this time she has completely given in and is completely submissive. The cursing and yelling have stopped and she has accepted what is coming to her. Yes, we still hear little whimpers as she endures the cruel breast bondage and the crotchrope splitting her in two though. She is left like this for quite a while as I do have some work to do. When I return, I take a few more pics. I then remove the rope gag and replace it with a dental gag. I taunt her a bit before my shift is over. Tony will be starting his shift soon and I believe in the pay it forward concept, so I leave Crystal for him to enjoy.

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Crystal Frost Hung, spun, spanked, Crotchroped, tit slapped, and hairtied
15 minute(s), 5 second(s) of video
Added 07/31/2018
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Crystal is my next door neighbor. She came out and bitched when a friend of mine parked on a public street in front of her house for a few hours. I told her I'd be more than happy to help her with her problem and invited her over. Her problem in my eyes is her bitchiness. I ballgag her, tie her arms behind her back and then hang her upside down in the dark for an hour or so. The clip starts with Crystal hanging in a dimly lit room. She struggles, moans and whimpers for a bit, before I come pay her a visit. I slap her nice tan ass a few times, before I go and turn the lights on so I can better see what I am doing. I then rip open her top, revealing her fancy expensive looking red bra. I toy with her for a while longer...spinning her, groping and spanking her. Next I get more rope and add a crotchrope. I tie it to a 45lb weight on the floor below her. I tie a length of rope in her hair next, but I let it dangle for now. Another rope is tied to her crotchrope from behind and I pull it tight and tie it off to a hitching ring bolted to the wall. This tightens the crotchrope even more. I remove her tits from her bra and give each one a few sound slaps. Crystal's hair rope is now tied to the 45lb weight as well and then to a hitching ring bolted to the floor, so it can't slide back and loosen. I manhandle her a bit more before I leave her hanging. I return shortly and find that her moans and screams have slowly subsided into cute little barely audible whimpers. I remove her gag and she says nothing. I think my little exorcism for bitchiness was a success!

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