Crystal Frost
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Crystal Frost Hung, spun, spanked, Crotchroped, tit slapped, and hairtied
15 minute(s), 5 second(s) of video
Added 07/31/2018
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Crystal is my next door neighbor. She came out and bitched when a friend of mine parked on a public street in front of her house for a few hours. I told her I'd be more than happy to help her with her problem and invited her over. Her problem in my eyes is her bitchiness. I ballgag her, tie her arms behind her back and then hang her upside down in the dark for an hour or so. The clip starts with Crystal hanging in a dimly lit room. She struggles, moans and whimpers for a bit, before I come pay her a visit. I slap her nice tan ass a few times, before I go and turn the lights on so I can better see what I am doing. I then rip open her top, revealing her fancy expensive looking red bra. I toy with her for a while longer...spinning her, groping and spanking her. Next I get more rope and add a crotchrope. I tie it to a 45lb weight on the floor below her. I tie a length of rope in her hair next, but I let it dangle for now. Another rope is tied to her crotchrope from behind and I pull it tight and tie it off to a hitching ring bolted to the wall. This tightens the crotchrope even more. I remove her tits from her bra and give each one a few sound slaps. Crystal's hair rope is now tied to the 45lb weight as well and then to a hitching ring bolted to the floor, so it can't slide back and loosen. I manhandle her a bit more before I leave her hanging. I return shortly and find that her moans and screams have slowly subsided into cute little barely audible whimpers. I remove her gag and she says nothing. I think my little exorcism for bitchiness was a success!

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