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Kingsley's Test - Part 2
21 minute(s), 10 second(s) of video
Added 04/01/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended. I cut away the lower half of Kingsley's leotard and use it and clear tape to gag her. I then start intensifying her bondage with more rope. Of course she gets a tight crotchrope, and then I add some rope under her ass cheeks, because I like the way it looks. Her arms are tied as tightly as her flexibility will allow. As more ropes are added, Kingsley seems to be more distressed, and it probably does not help that I scare her, lol. I eventually get her on the floor where I plan to cross ankle hogtie her, but she starts choking on her gag. I remove it, but she taps and that's it. Although she did not handle the bondage all that well this time, she did have a good attitude and I would give her another try if the opportunity presented itself.

Categories: black girls, Breast bondage, Brunettes, Busty, crotchrope, ethnic, gags, leotard, Petite, posture collar

Kingsley's Test - Part 1
22 minute(s), 7 second(s) of video
Added 03/31/2018
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I lead Kingsley in by her hair and immediately start roughly manhandling her. She seems stunned that I am treating her like this. I use her tit as a handle to turn the petite lass anyway I want. I keep a hold of her tit as I repeatedly slap her ass with my other hand. I grab a handful of her thick hair once again and tie a rope into it which is then tied overhead to keep her in place. The rough groping, tit and ass slapping continue as Kingsley yelps and thrashes about. I pump gag her before adding some electrical tape face bondage and tying her tits. A posture collar is buckled around her neck, before I correct her posture even more by tightening up her hair tie. I've been working hard and I am in need of a small break and Kingsley will entertain me. I order her to dance for me as I grab a beverage and a long pointy stick. I pull up a comfortable chair and poke her with it as she tries to evade. I have her turn for me and spread her legs facing me and turned around. After my break, I remove the tape on her face and her pumpgag. She seems a bit frazzled, and I ask if she is ok... she tells me that I scare her, lol, but she also says it's a good kind of scared. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: black girls, Breast bondage, Brunettes, Busty, electrical tape, ethnic, face bondage, gags, leotard, posture collar, pump gag, Tape Bondage