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Cherry Velvet Grabbed, Spanked, and Gagged Over and Over - Part 1
39 minute(s), 56 second(s) of video
Added 10/03/2017
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Cherry is a sweet and innocent southern gal who loves being bound gagged, spanked and manhandled. She visited a while back and ended up tightly hogtied. I decide to surprise her this time and do a little role playing. I give her my address and tell her to go to a suite down the hall. First she walks in and has to go up several flights of steps and down several long hallways. She's wearing a skin tight purple skirt and a black velevt blouse, pantyhose, and heels. She looks a little nervous. I hear her heals and as I see her walk by through my peep hole, I jump out and grab her, clasping one hand over her mouth. I pull her in. Once inside, I shove her up against a 4x4 post. I make threats before taking my hand away from her mouth. I order her to put her hands behind her back. I tie them crossed. I smack her ass several times... what does she expect wearing a skirt like that to visit me. I tie a rope around her neck and then connect it to her wrists. The more she struggles, the tighter the rope gets on her neck. I use more rope and tie her waist to the post. I continue smacking her ass. At first over her skirt, but I raise it. I grab her by her hair with one hand and start smacking her ass with the other and just her pantyhose for protection. She had mentioned liking to be belted, but she's having a really hard time with just my hand, so I decide to skip the leather strap... This time. After a bit, I untie her waist from the post and sit her in a chair. Now she really looks worried. The first thing I do is tie her at her waist to the chair. The next thing I do is cram a sponge in her mouth. I stretch and old bike inner tube over her mouth and then I wrap it back over and tie it in the back. Wither her legs crossed, I start tying them. After using several bundles of rope, I remove her gag and ask why she was trespassing? She lies and says she was looking for her friends. I cleave gag her tightly with an ace bandage. When I go to add tape on top, she tries to move away. I grab the rope that is still tied to her neck and threaten to tie it overhead. This gets her to comply. I wrap blue electrical tape over the bandage, making it even tighter. I continue roping her legs to the chair. After a while, I remove her gag and this time, I replace it with a giant green sponge. It takes a while, but with patience I work most of it in her mouth. I seal it in with clear tape. I continue wrapping the tape around her forehead and then under her chin. Once again, I grab more rope and continue binding Cherry to the chair. It's really not a very good chair to tie her to as there are not a lot of places to tie off to, but I manage. I remove all the tape and slowly pull the sponge out, much to her relief. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Brunettes, chairtied, cleave gag, electrical tape, MILF, pantyhose, sponge gag