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5' 10" and Huge tits, Jayne is Hogtied and Harness Ballgagged!
14 minute(s), 56 second(s) of video
Added 09/05/2018
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Plain Jayne is a waitress in an upscale Hooters where she makes a ton of money, and I'm the manager. Jayne has repeatedly been late to work and is often not wearing the proper uniform. Today instead of reporting to the restaurant she was instructed to come to my apartment for disciplinary measures. Jayne enters my apartment and is ordered up against the wall, almost as if shes being frisked and arrested, so her uniform and appearance can be inspected. Shes ordered to spread her legs... She doesn't listen as usual, so her ass is slapped several times until she complies. Once again she is wearing the wrong kind of pantyhose, and is not wearing socks. Next Jayne is ordered to get on her knees and place her hands on her head. I then come over with a pair of handcuffs and cuff her wrists behind her back. Finally she's ordered to get on her stomach and spread her legs... once again she doesn't listen, but a few more hard smacks on her ass and she does as she's told. I sit back and look at the wonderful sight for a minute, before I return with a few bundles of rope. Handcuffs are not near enough. Jayne's elbows are then roped together and shes spanked a few more times for good measure. Next jayne is lifted back off the floor on to her knees where a harness ball gag is strapped and buckled onto her head. Now its time for more ropes... while wrapping the ropes above her tits, I notice Jayne isn't wearing a bra... another work place infraction!... I point this out as I grab and slap her tits and twist her nipples. I continue on adding ropes, making sure they're very tight. Jayne is told to stay put while I go make a phone call in another room. As you can imagine, Jayne dosen't listen again. She instead struggles and rolls around on the floor trying to loosen the ropes. Finally Jayne is put in a very strict hogtie with her head tied back by running a rope through the D ring on her harness gag. She can barely move, but Im tired of her laziness and order her to struggle for me... I roll her onto her side and watch as she jerks moans and twitches in her TIGHT bonds!

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