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Safa Ball-Hog-Tied - Part 2
25 minute(s), 47 second(s) of video
Added 05/01/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I show Safa a huge cleaning sponge which is to be her gag. I get the entire thing in her mouth and then I wrap black tape around her head to make sure it stays there. I leave her there to make more preparations. It's not long before I can tell that she's not doing to well with the gag. I quickly remove it. Her eyes are watery and I give her a few moments to recuperate. I strap in a ballgag instead. I then cut away her pretty blouse and start binding her tits. This is the 1st time they have ever been bound and she enjoys the sensation of this as well. I grab her by her hair once again and grope her bound tits and nipples. Soon after, I put Safa on the floor. I tie her right leg back, like a hogtie. I then tie her left knee up to her chest... Kind of like a balltie. Safa is not very flexible and you can tell by the way she moans as I rope her into position. I leave her there for a while. I'm unhappy with her struggling... I want to see more effort. I have a thin wooded paddle (actually a wooden shorehorn) and I offer her some encouragement by slapping her feet and tits with it. She begs me to stop through her gag and she really starts struggling now! I'd say it's safe to assume that she does NOT like this part of the shoot. After a while of this I leave her once again. She eventually stops struggling again, so I nipple clamp her. She really starts struggling again!! She screams and begs me to remove them. I feel like being a nice guy, so I do. I leave her to struggle on the dirty concrete floor for a while longer. I eventually return to untie her legs and remove her gag. I play with her bound tits as she recovers and works her jaw.

Categories: balltied, barefoot, Breast bondage, Brunettes, business attire, Busty, feet and toes bondage, hogtied, nipple clamps

Safa Ball-Hog-Tied - Part 1
14 minute(s), 58 second(s) of video
Added 04/30/2018
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Safa loves being tied up. She sits on a chair as I ask her a few questions about herself, as I get things setup for her bondage today. I'm soon behind her as I help her to her feet. I immediately have her put her wrists behind her back and I start to bind her. I continue binding her. Safa loves this part, and you can tell by the look on her face that she loves the process of being bound tightly. After I have her arms "Box Tied", I decide to have a little fun myself. I grab her by her hair with one hand and grope her large firm tits with my other hand. Safa clearly loves being manhandled as well. I spin her around and smack her ass for a while. She yelps as the ass slaps are administered, but is loving every minute of it. After a while, I sit her back down and I tie a rope into her hair. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: business attire, Busty