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Dixie Makes Rachel Cry - Part 3
19 minute(s), 46 second(s) of video
Added 01/20/2018
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This clip starts where Part 2 ended... Rachel is put on her knees. The Dr. Ties off the harness he applied overhead. Dixie sits back in the recliner and enjoys the view. She gets up and tucks Rachel's hair under her rubber cap. She then starts playing with Rachel's huge tits again. The Dr. returns and immediately gags Rachel with an Ace bandage. he then starts adding more black tape. He starts at her waist and keeps wrapping all the way to her knees. He tightens the hoist that her harness is attached to. He attaches a rope to her waist and ties it forward. Another rope is attached to her backside and tied off to the post behind her. Now Dixie holds her ankles up as he tapes them to her upper thighs. Rachel is now just on her knee caps, almost completely mummified in tape. He removes her shoes and even tapes up her feet. He then starts adding tape to her head. He tightens up the gag with the tape and then wraps more around her forehead and under her chin. Soon after he wraps tape around her eyes as well. She sways just a little to and fro as dixie watches. She has been in that situation before. She seems to enjoy watching someone else endure this bondage more than she likes being in it herself. Dr. Cupcakes and Dixie have other "patients" they need to check up on so they leave poor Rachel on her knees, completely helpless, drooling, severely gagged, and in the dark.

Featuring: Rachel
Categories: barefoot, blindfolded, Busty, cleave gag, Crying, electrical tape, feet and toes bondage, head encasement, hogtied, mummification, swimcap, Tape Bondage

Dixie Makes Rachel Cry - Part 2
19 minute(s), 59 second(s) of video
Added 01/19/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Rachel is freed from her neckrope and seated in a chair. Dr. Cupcakes has Dixie prepare her next gag. Even Dixie can't believe the size of sponge that will be forced into Rachel's mouth. The Dr. is soon showing her how it can be done. Soon it is completely in her mouth and sealed in with clear tape. It's not long though before he has to remove it. With her nose stuffed up and runny like it is Rachel is having a hard time breathing. He decides to be nice and make it very easy for her to breathe with the next gag. He forces her mouth open as wide as possible with a dental gag. She moans and squeals as she endures the gag and more groping from the Dr. Soon after he is taping her up with black tape. Her arms are behind her back as wrap after wrap of tape is applied. Soon it looks as if she is wearing a black strait jacket, but with her arms behind her, and her tits exposed. They pull Rachel back to her feet. like a twisted puppeteer, Dixie stands behind her and makes her dance again. All Rachel can do is mmmpph and drool. After they tire of that, The Dr. removes her gag and puts a rubber swim cap on her head. Rachel's legs quiver as he puts it on just right. He then grabs a length of rope and quickly adds a rope harness over the tape. This is where Part 2 ends.

Featuring: Rachel
Categories: Brunettes, Busty, chairtied, electrical tape, Open Mouth Gag, sponge gag, swimcap, Tape Bondage

Preparing Dixie for Transport - Part 2
18 minute(s), 48 second(s) of video
Added 04/12/2017
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Dixie lays on the floor for a while, while I get prepared for phase 2 of her preparation. She's not taking my ballgag with her, so I different gag is in order. I shove her panties in her mouth, which I cut off her earlier. I then seal them in with gray tape. I then wrap her head with plastic wrap and then I wrap it with black tape. She's left once again to struggle and mmpph. I sent some pics to her new owner to make sure we were on the right track and he was very pleased so far. I remove her shoes next and use the Black tape to completely bind her feet. We're getting close now. I go get a cart and wheel it up next to Dixie. I pick her up and set her on it. I rope her ankles to one corner and rope her neck to another tie off on the opposite corner. She's ready to go! I take a few more snapshots and then leave Dixie once again while I send them to her receiver to make sure she is packaged just how her wants her. It's a go!... After a few minutes, I start pulling the cart out. Once I get to the doors, I stop to open them and I continue to pull the cart out... The clip ends here.

Categories: ballgag, Breast bondage, Brunettes, electrical tape, gags, head encasement, hooded, mummification, neckroped, not barefoot, panty gags, Tape Bondage, tape hood, taped hands

Preparing Dixie for Transport - Part 1
20 minute(s), 5 second(s) of video
Added 04/11/2017
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I hate to see her go, but she brought a good price, and there will be more. Dixie's new owner wants her delivered wrapped in saran wrap and duct tape, basically mummified. The clip starts with Dixie standing, hooded with a burlap bag, wrists taped, and neck roped. Before I start prepping her I take a few snapshots and then grope and smack her ass, after all I won't be able to do it again after today. I wrap her body below her tits to her waist. I then cut off her panties and put them in my pocket. They are to be used as part of her gag later. I continue wrapping her body in the plastic. I leave her there for a while as I go get some tape. When I return, I put the tape to use. I wrap her upper body with the duct tape, except her tits. They are to get special attention. I bind each tit separately with black tape. I then wrap the tape around both, pulling them a little closer together. Once again, I can't help myself, I start smacking her plastic wrap covered ass. The sound is very pleasing to my ears. Back to work. I finish up phase 1 by completely duct taping her legs. She's ready to come down now, so I untie her neckrope, and set her on the floor. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: blindfolded, Breast bondage, Brunettes, electrical tape, hooded, neckroped, not barefoot, Tape Bondage