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Angelique Kithos is Prepared for Transport - Part 2
18 minute(s), 17 second(s) of video
Added 09/10/2023
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The clip starts where Part 1 ended... Angelique's captor releases her wrists from the bottom of the post and removes the length of pipe. She watches, wondering what he has planned next. He pulls a cart up, with what looks like field goal up rights in the center. He lowers her onto the cart with her hips over the crossbar, forcing her ass into the air. He quickly bolts on another attachment which gives him more tie off points. Her arms are cruelly tied perpendicular to her torso and tied off. A rope is tied off to her chest harness and tied to the upper crossbar. Another rope is tied to her wrists and then tied down to a tie off point on the front of the cart. Her hands and thumbs are tied and then tied off to her crotchrope. Her ankles are tied to the pipe running from the back of the cart up to the up rights in the center. She is then left on the cart for a while. Her captor finally returns. He opens the double doors and pulls her out into the hallway and down several long hallways.

Categories: Breast bondage, Brunettes, crotchrope, garter and stockings, hogtied, panty gags, sweaters, transported

Angelique Kithos is Prepared for Transport - Part 1
31 minute(s), 25 second(s) of video
Added 09/09/2023
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The clip starts with Angelique sitting in a chair. She is wearing a sweater, skirt, stockings, garter, and boots. She is bound and crotchroped. The chair is in front of a post. A long length of pipe is attached to the base of the post and runs under the chair and out in front of her. Her legs are tied to a wide metal spreader bar and tied to the pipe out in front, prohibiting her from closing her legs or retracting them. Her wrists are tied to the base of the post behind her. She struggles for a short while before her captor enters the room. He shows her a huge pair of panties, yes!, they are going in her mouth. Angelique resists, but a firm pinch and twist of her nipple is all it takes for her to comply. They are sealed in with clear tape. He then attaches a length of rope to her crotchrope. He runs it through a loop overhead and then back down to the end of the pipe, where there is a concrete block. He ties it off tightly to it. He unties her wrists from the bottom of the post, only to just retie them tighter. He grabs more rope and adds a nice chest harness. He then cuts out the tit section of her red sweater and gropes her ample tits. They are very firm, so he decides to bind them with thin cord. He struggles at first to get them bound but soon they are bound nice and tight. He leaves her to struggle for a while. When he returns, he tightens her crotchrope even more, forcing her hips up off the chair. While she endures this new position, he binds her elbows together. He then unties her ankles from the spreader bar and ties her thighs together. He then binds her ankles as she continues to deal with the crotchrope. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Breast bondage, Brunettes, chairtied, crotchrope, garter and stockings