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Briella Tongue Tied - Part 1
27 minute(s), 43 second(s) of video
Added 08/09/2023
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Briella is never at a loss for words. She never shuts up and a lot of what she says is just not very nice. After an incident at a local coffee establishment, I decided something must be done. I start by dragging her in by her hair with her wrists already bound. She is trying to fight me. I put my arm around her neck and that seems to settle her down a tad. I then tie a rope around her neck and tie it off overhead. A ballgag is then tightly strapped in her mouth. Briella seems angry and I make it worse when I grab her by her tit and start smacking her ass. I manhandle her and spin her around as I continuously smack her ass. I then get out more rope. I tie a rope around her waist and then I run a rope tightly between her legs. I untie her neckrope from above and put her in a chair seated backwards. I then start tying her thighs, ankles, and feet to the chair legs. All Briella can do is moan, and wiggle her cute drool covered tits. After I have her legs tied, I decide to make her gag a little more effective. I remove her ballgag and shove a giant cleaning sponge in her mouth. I tape it in with black tape and then wide microfoam is layered on top for increased noise control. I then bind her tits with thin twine, very tightly. You can tell it's tight by the way her nipples have swollen up! Now that her tits are bound satisfactorily I remove her gag. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Blondes, Breast bondage, chairtied, crotchrope, electrical tape, sponge gag

Briella Tongue Tied - Part 2
25 minute(s), 18 second(s) of video
Added 08/09/2023
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I add a little more twine to Briella's breast bondage to tighten it up a bit more. I tie a rope to her crotchrope and then pull it up and tie it off to the back (front) of the chair. Her elbows are then tightly bound together and a hairtie is added. Briella squirms as I flick her swollen and sensitive nipples. I told her earlier that I'd leave the gag out if she was quiet, but she's not holding her end of the deal. I tie a rope to the back of her crotchrope and pull it under the chair and I tie it off. Her wrists are then tied overhead, forcing her into a seated strappado. I leave her for a while. When I return, I tie a rope to her tongue and then tie it down to the chair. She seems very angry now! That's fine because she makes me angry all the time. I then add some toe bondage before I use that rope, I tied in her hair earlier. I tie it to the rope pulling her arms up. Up until now,Briella was leaning forward to relieve the pressure on her tongue. Now with her tongue tied down and forward, and her hair tied up and back, she can't. Now she looks even more pissed. It doesn't matter though because there's nothing she can do about it. I wish she were tongue tied more often. I think she'll at least think before she speaks from now on. At the end of the clip I remove her tongue bindings and start to release her. Briella says nothing... success!!... She still looks very angry, but that doesn't concern me.

Categories: barefoot, Blondes, Breast bondage, chairtied, crotchrope, Open Mouth Gag, tongue tied

Bitchy Wife Briella Wants to be Put on a Pedestal But Ends Up On Her Knees - Part 2
21 minute(s), 21 second(s) of video
Added 08/08/2023
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This clip starts where Part ended... I lift Briella and place her on her pedestal. She doesn't seem to like all her weight being supported on the V-shaped apparatus. I add a few more pieces to it and then I add a chest harness. Briella's nipples are clamped next and she doesn't seem to like that at all! Briella moans and whimpers as I tie her legs out to the sides and back. Her ass then gets a few hard smacks. I sit back and watch her for a while before getting my camera. I will have some lovely pictures for the photo album! When I return, I remove her gag. Her attitude seems better already. I leave her gag out for now as I manhandle her and then add a length of rope to her hair. Another rope is tied to her chest harness and then tied off out in front, forcing Briella to lean forward. Now she can't move at all and the pressure becomes excruciating to her. Using her hairtie, her head is pulled back and tied off before she is cleave gagged with an Ace bandage. (Her elbows are tied next. Once her elbows are tied the bondage portion ends and we cut to later that evening.) We then see a smiling Briella serving me a glass of tea, wearing her boots and skirt. She asks if I like her boots and I do, but I tell her to remove her skirt and panties. She does so. I tell her to get on her knees and crawl over to me. I grab her by her hair and force her head down. This is where the clip ends.

Categories: Blondes, cleave gag, nipple clamps, sponge gag, Wooden Pony

Bitchy Wife Briella Wants to be Put on a Pedestal But Ends Up On Her Knees - Part 1
16 minute(s), 30 second(s) of video
Added 08/07/2023
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After a long 16 hour day at work, all I want to do is come home, watch a little TV and relax. My wife comes storming in and immediately starts yelling about me doing something! Most of the day she's on the internet chatting and drinking wine, but I won't get into that. She tells me I should get a hobby, and that she should be put on a pedestal, among other things. I've had enough and a plan forms. I tell her she's right. I go out in the garage and start my new hobby. Briella walks by the garage door and hears power tools and hammering. Soon after, I grab Briella with a hand over her mouth and I shove her up against the door. I shove a gag in that bitchy mouth of hers and then I handcuff her. I make her spread her legs before I smack her ass a few times. I then sit her in a chair and quickly tie a rope around her waist. I grab her by her hair and roughly manhandle her as she protests and yelps through her gag.Briella struggles as I tie some rope around her ankles. I rip open her blouse and grope her bare chest. A posture collar is then buckled around her neck. Her new pedestal is pulled up beside her. 2 birds with 1 stone... I have a hobby, and Briella now has a pedestal! Briella mmmppps and struggles as I make a few adjustments. I remove her handcuffs and retie her wrists with rope, before I remove her ballgag. Briella is loud, so a better gag is needed. I know that she'll really be loud and upset once she's up on her pedestal, so I'm thinking ahead. A large sponge is shove in her mouth and tightly taped in. Soon after, I'm untying the rope around her waist. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Blondes, handcuffs, posture collar, sponge gag, Wooden Pony