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Betty Jaded's Tight Hogtie!
20 minute(s), 46 second(s) of video
Added 02/23/2024
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I carry Betty over my shoulder up the stairs and into my lair. I throw her onto the bed and immediately bind her ankles and below her knees. I then go off to find a suitable gag while Betty is left to struggle. I come back with a big red harness ball gag. I pick her up and sit her on the floor and I sit behind her and strap the gag into place. I then put Betty back on the bed and cut open her shirt. I manhandle her a bit and then get more rope. I use it to cinch the ropes above and below her breasts, squeezing them nice and tight! I continue running the rope between her legs and then I run it through the ropes binding her arms and the I connect it to her ankles. Betty is now hogtied. I leave her to struggle for a bit before I return with a new gag. I remove the harness gag and stuff Betty's mouth with cloth and then seal it in with Tape wrapped around her head. Now I Loosen Betty's Hogtie, but only for a moment, as I make it much much tighter, forcing Betty into A nice Arch! Next I hood her with a stocking and then wrap more tape around her mouth. Next I tie the stocking back to her arm bindings, pulling her head back. Now Betty is completely immobilized... Just the way she should be. I leave her to wiggle, twitch and moan for a while, but I'm not quite done with her yet, as I return with some heavy duty nipple clamps. I apply them and then leave Betty to struggle for the remainder of the clip.

Categories: Brunettes, crotchrope, Daisy Dukes, harness gag, hogtied, nipple clamps