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She Broke My Chair - Part 2
33 minute(s), 59 second(s) of video
Added 11/21/2023
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended. I'm no where near done with her. I untie her knee from her neck and her other leg from the back of her chest harness. I put her on her knees and run a rope from the back of her chest harness to an overhead hoist. I add more rope, including a tight crotchrope. I start it from the front and tie it off to the post behind her. I remove her ball gag and replace it with a spider ring gag. It doesn't seem to fit her mouth right so I replace it with a dental gag. It just seems appropriate with Adara on her knees, don't you think? I tighten up her crotchrope a tad more and then I nosehook Adara. Its not long before the drool and snot start streaming. Adara is definitely not comfortable. I walk away and leave her to endure. When I do return, add some nasty clamps to each side if her nipples. I leave her once again. I finally return and remove her gag, nosehooks and the clamps. Her attitude seems much better and she seems willing to do anything to make up for the broken chair. I start untying her and the clip ends shortly after. At the end of the clip I added some deleted scenes. When adara was gagged with the sponge and vetwrap, I also had added Microfoam on top of that, but it was too much and I had to remove it.

Categories: ballgag, Blondes, crotchrope, gags, hogtied, nipple clamps, nose hooks, not barefoot

She Broke My Chair - Part 1
36 minute(s), 31 second(s) of video
Added 11/20/2023
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The last time Adara visited she drank all my booze and then broke my chair. I invite her back, but things are going to be different this time. Since I don't have a comfortable place to sit anymore, I don't think that Adara should be comfortable either, and I plan to make sure of that. I lead Adara in and she starts denying everything right off the bat as I grab some rope and start binding her arms behind her back. After her arms are bound I grab her by her hair and spin her around. I start slapping her ass hard. I open her blouse and cut off her bra. I HOM her and grope her perk tits for a while. I pull up a chair and make her sit. I then force a huge sponge in her mouth and then I seal it in with an entire roll of vetwrap. I tie her right ankle to her right thigh and then I lay her on the cold, hard, uncomfortable concrete floor. Her knee is then roped around the back of her neck. After a while I remove her gag and tightly strap in a ballgag. Her left leg gets the same treatment, only it is tied back. I grope and slap Adara a bit before I leave her to struggle and endure her tight bondage.

Categories: ballgag, balltied, Blondes, gags, hogtied, sponge gag

Cherry Velvet Grabbed, Spanked, and Gagged Over and Over - Part 2
42 minute(s), 43 second(s) of video
Added 10/03/2023
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... After getting all the tape out of Cherry's hair, It is a mess. I grab it all and pull her head back as I manhandle her tits through her shirt. It's time for a new gag though. This time I shove a huge ball of string in her mouth with a rope through the center. I tie the rope tightly around her neck. I leave the gag like this for a short while as I add more rope to her body. I then wrap vetwrap over top the string ball gag. Soon after, I wrap black tape, on top of the vetwrap... very effective and tight! I add more rope to her chair tie. I remove the gag after a bit. I ask her if she's going to be quiet if I don't regag her right away and she says yes. I continue binding Cherry to the chair. Like most women, Cherry can't stay quiet for to long. She starts asking questions and squawking about this and that. I'm not giving her a second chance. I immediately grab a big red foam ball and shove it in her mouth. I seal it in tightly with elastic micro-foam medical tape. I continue roping her. I tie her elbows as tightly as I can and then I hike them up towards her shoulder as much as possible... making sure everything is tight. I hood her with a nylon stocking and then wrap a wide band of tape over her mouth and eyes. I wrap blue tape around her forehead and then under her chin and back up. I use the excess nylon to tie her head back. I leave her to struggle at this point. I watch her and she's not really putting in enough effort though. I smack her feet with a thin wooden paddle and that gets her to struggle. After a while though she slows down, so I have to do it again! I sit back and enjoy watching her. At the end of the clip, I remove her gag and the clip ends.

Categories: Brunettes, chairtied, electrical tape, face bondage, head encasement, MILF, pantyhose, Tape Bondage, tape hood

Luna Makes Adara Her Pony Girl
48 minute(s), 31 second(s) of video
Added 08/21/2023
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Luna drags Adara into the stables after Adara's Pony Girl lost to Luna's in the annual pony girl competition. Adara was overly confident and agreed to be Luna's pony if she lost, and she most surely did lose. Adara whines, cries, and begs, but Luna is not having it. The first thing she does is to make Adara put in blackout contacts that blind her instead of messing around with blinders etc. This way she has to rely on Luna's commands, which will make her a much better pony. The contacts burn her eyes for a while, but Luna has no sympathy and expects her to perform. Adara is then ordered to strip. Her wrists are bound behind her back and she is tied to a chair where Luna puts some extreme platform "hooves" on Adara's feet. They are a very tight fit indeed, but Luna does not care... Adara is just an animaaal now whose purpose is to win pony girl competitions. Once the hooves have been buckled on, Adara stands so her harness can be fitted and buckled on. Luna takes her new pony girl out for some practice training in the grass. Adara does her best to prance, gallop, and trot, but her incessant whining earns her a gag. Adara kneels as Luna buckles a gag onto her head. Adara gags as the long protrusion is pushed down her throat. Luna orders her to her feet and her practice continues. Luna seems somewhat pleased and even suggests that she will give Adara some extra carrots and hay later. 6 months go by and Adara has not done well in the pony girl competitions, so Luna sends her off to be made into dawg food and glue. She asks Adara if she has one last wish and Adara requests that her hooves be removed. Luna agrees and makes a big deal about the stench as they are removed. A man comes to pick up Adara, but first they remove her harness. Adara is groped and the man comments on the amount of meat on her ass and thighs as he throws her over his shoulder and carries her away. You might think that would be the end of our story, but you'd be wrong. Adara somehow buys her way out of her predicament and returns for revenge. She overpowers Luna from behind when she least expects it. Luna finds herself bound on the floor of the barn and she is the one that is now begging to be released, but Adara shows no mercy as Luna showed none to her. She refers to Luna as her fuck pig as she hogties and nose hooks her. She ropes her into a hogtie, gags her and leaves. Luna struggles frantically, but she gets nowhere. It seems Adara is planning on selling Luna, but her customers will put her to good use. Adara unbuttons her blouse, and rolls Luna onto her side, so her customers can get a better look at the goods. Luna struggles for a while longer and the clip ends. I also put in some different camera angles of Adara's hooves being removed and a little behind the scenes footage.

Featuring: Luna Dawn
Categories: ballgag, barefoot, Blondes, Brunettes, Busty, gags, hogtied, leash, leather, MILF, not barefoot, outdoors, pony girls

Dr. Cupcakes Gets a New Assistant... Continued - Part 2
21 minute(s), 50 second(s) of video
Added 07/12/2023
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... adara is picked up and placed on the hogtie bench. He ties one ankle and Amanda ties the other. Next Dr. Cupcakes Ties a rope to the back of her chest harness and then ties that to a pipe above her. They roughly handle adara as they remove her gag. adara is made to wear a rubber swim cap and then is cleave gagged again with micro-foam tape. Amanda continues to play with her... groping and slapping her ass and tits. She grabs rope and ties her waist to the bench while the Dr. Clamps her nipples with clover clamps and then ties them to an extension pipe out in front of the hogtie bench. They then force a pair of panties in her mouth, forcing the micro-foam in further. Black tape is wrapped over everything. adara is then nose hooked, making her bondage a little more strenuous. Dr. Cupcakes leaves, but Amanda stays to play... The clip ends shortly after.

Featuring: Amanda Marie
Categories: Blondes, Brunettes, cleave gag, crotchrope, electrical tape, garter and stockings, hogtied, nipple clamps, nose hooks, panty gags, swimcap

Dr. Cupcakes Gets a New Assistant - Part 2
24 minute(s) of video
Added 07/09/2023
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Amanda stays with adara, rubbing and groping her bound body as The dr, gets another length of rope. He attaches it to her harness gag and ties it off the her elbow ropes, forcing her head back. Amanda takes a tight grip on her crotchrope leash and starts walking adara. adara has a hard time keeping up, so every once in a while Amanda will stop and smack her ass a few times. After walking her back and forth 2 or 3 times, Amanda leads her up to the pipe post. Her harness gag is untied and then The Dr. lifts her onto it. Amanda holds her still while adara's waist is tied and cinched to it. He adds more rope securing her upper body while Amanda starts binding her legs. Dr. Cupcakes eventually removes her harness ballgag. He leaves her ungagged for the time being. He pulls her crotchrope tight and ties it off overhead. He adds a hairtie and ties it off to the right. At this point Amanda is done with her legs so The Dr. Instructs her to gag adara. She cleave gags her very tightly with and Ace bandage and then adds black tape to make it even more effective.A neckrope is then added and tied off to the left. Withe adara thoroughly bound and gagged, Amanda starts smacking adara's ass and thighs with her hand. The Dr. can tell after a while that Amanda's hand is getting sore, so he brings her a nice leather strap. He whips adara's ass with it for a while before turning it over to Amanda. The smile on her face says it all as she holds the strap for the first time. She goes to town whipping the poor adara over and over. from time to time she turns adara on the upright spit to get a better angle. By the time the clip ends you can see adara's legs quivering.

Featuring: Amanda Marie
Categories: Blondes, cleave gag, crotchrope, electrical tape, harness gag, post/pole/tree tied, taped hands

Dr. Cupcakes Gets a New Assistant - Part 1
31 minute(s), 47 second(s) of video
Added 07/09/2023
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0

Adara is standing with a noose around her neck and her wrists tied behind her back. She still has her shirt, but somewhere along the way, she lost her pants. Amanda captured her earlier as a gift for Dr. cupcakes. She knew he would enjoy experimenting on her tight tan body. She shows the Dr. her gift to him and he is indeed pleased. He asks if she would like to stay and be his assistant and she is definitely up for that. For the rest of the clip Amanda and Dr. Cupcakes bind, grope, and spank poor adara. By the end her upper body has hundreds of feet of rope and her hands look like hooves, as they have been taped into balls.

Featuring: Amanda Marie
Categories: Blondes, crotchrope, electrical tape, garter and stockings, harness gag, Lingerie, taped hands

Adara's Hazing Continues - Part 2
25 minute(s), 55 second(s) of video
Added 06/19/2023
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I loosen the noose and sit adara down in a chair. Her gag is removed for now. I manhandle her a bit before I lift her and set her on her stomach atop an old chest. I grab more rope and bind her ankles and feet. I pull them up and tie them off up high on the post. adara is now in a dive bomber position. It's not long before I tie the ropes in her hair back. I grab a roll of vetwrap, which I use to cleave gag her with. Nose hooks are added. forcing her head back even more. adara is in complete agony at this point... Those sorority sisters sure are mean!!! At the end of the clip I show some behind the scenes footage of adara's release.

Categories: barefoot, Blondes, cleave gag, crotchrope, Crying, hogtied, nose hooks, nude, post/pole/tree tied

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