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Rin Transported to The Woods and Tree Tied - Part 2
29 photos 18 minute(s), 25 second(s) of video
Added 05/24/2024
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He unties her wrists and elbows, but quickly reties her wrists around the tree. He then starts tying her much more thoroughly to the tree. After she is secured, he rips open her blouse and cuts her bra off. He smacks her ass a few times and manhandles her now exposed tits. She's being a little to loud. A better gag is in order, but for now he clasps his hand over her mouth with one hand and continues squeezing her tits with his other hand. He grabs more rope and continues to bind Rin. Soon her wrists are roped up to the tree, forcing her into a kind of strappado position. There is an uncinched band of ropes securing her thighs to the tree. He cinches this up and then adds another band. He then unties the rope around her ankles. This is where Part 2 ends.

Categories: outdoors, pantyhose, post/pole/tree tied

Rin Transported to The Woods and Tree Tied - Part 3
63 photos 23 minute(s), 32 second(s) of video
Added 05/24/2024
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Soon Rin's captor returns. He removes her gag. Before he regags her he ties a rope into her hair. He then gags her with an old rag before taping it in. He grabs more rope. He adds a crotchrope and then ties it off up high to another tree very tightly. He then ties her hair back to the tree, before he pulls her ankles back beside the base of the tree. He ties and cinches them. He walks away and leaves Rin to struggle an moan. He returns with clover clamps. He applies them just to the side of her nipples. He takes care of a few loose ends before he ties the clamps down towards the ground to a branch. Even though Rin screams through the gag as the clamps stretch her nipples, the tears are from something in her eyes. Her eyes burn as her makeup runs down her face. As if her bondage wasn't thorough enough, he ties her thumbs and also tightens up her hair tie. He walks off leaving poor Rin completely bound and helpless in the middle of no where.

Categories: crotchrope, Crying, nipple clamps, outdoors, pantyhose, post/pole/tree tied

Rin Transported to The Woods and Tree Tied - Part 1
42 photos 14 minute(s), 58 second(s) of video
Added 05/23/2024
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The clip starts with Rin in the back of a car. Her elbows, wrists and ankles are tied. She is hogtied and ballgagged. The car drives on and on for what seems like forever. It finally stops, but the driver is just shutting a gate. He drives down a long drive. The rear hatch finally opens. Rin is dragged out and then set on the ground.(Car ride lasts approx 10min) He unties the rope that hogties her and pulls her up to her feet. He grabs her by her hair and makes her hop deep into the woods. He finally stops her at a small tree. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: hogtied, hopping, outdoors, pantyhose, Petite, transported

Employee Discipline: Rin Does NOT Volunteer - Part 2
29 minute(s), 12 second(s) of video
Added 07/29/2023
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Eric snips away at Rin's shirt with a pair of scissors before clamping her nipples. Her elbows are tied together and then her forearms are tied to the pipe behind her. In the last episode, Dolly's hands were still free. Eric saw this and felt this was one area that could be improved upon, so he ties Rin's hands to the pipe as well. He spins Rin around a few times. This time he also adds a crotchrope, something that was missing in Dolly's tie. Rin is in need of a new gag. Eric explains how earlier they had a drawing in the office. Whoever won removed their panties and those were to be used for Rin's gag. The other female employees are happy to see Rin punished because when she messes up, it makes them all look bad. Mary and Tina are the winners today and both their panties are stuffed in Rin's mouth. It takes a while to get both pairs in, but they are both finally worked in. Clear tape makes sure they stay in. Nose hooks are added again and her nipple clamps are tied out tight to the chair uprights. Eric spins her around a few more times once again. He leaves for a while as the cameras get some nice close-ups of Rin's predicament. Eric then gets some pics for the company website. The nosehooks have slipped a bit, so her removes those. This definitely needs to be remedied for the next employee. Rin is turned again before her right nipple clamp is removed. Its good to remove them and then reapply them... the reactions are great. While the clamp is off Eric demonstrates what could happen once she is rolled into the employee break room. He starts smacking her tits with a wooden spoon. Her thigh gets a few whacks and then each of her feet get a few more whacks. That is about all for this episode. Eric rolls Rin out of the picture and that's it! Join us next time won't you!

Categories: business attire, chairtied, crotchrope, nipple clamps, nose hooks, panty gags, pantyhose

Employee Discipline: Rinn Does NOT Volunteer - Part 1
42 minute(s), 3 second(s) of video
Added 07/28/2023
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Are your profits not what they used to be? Can you succeed and prosper in this down economy? If you answered "yes" to the 1st question then you NEED this collection of video. If you follow business Guru Eric Cain's formula then the answer to the 2nd question is a Most Definite YESSS!! This is the second of many, where Eric shares his secrets for success! After viewing Part 1 of the series with Dolly, Eric noticed a few things that could be improved upon. This time he is disciplining an employee for several real workplace infractions. Rin is seated in the same chair as last time when the clip starts. He briefly explains what the series is about before he starts adding more rope. As he binds Rin he offers his advice. One piece of advice comes after Rin starts pleading with Eric. He says he knows that its easy to give in to the pleading and the promises, but to Not Give in! It's for their own good as well as the company's. If it really bothers you then you should gag the employee once they start. He does just that. He straps a harness ballgag on Rin's head. Once that is done he adds the pipe accessories to the chair and continues bind in Rin. Every so often he stops and turns the chair so you, the viewer can get a better idea of what is going on. After a while he removes her gag as he has another planned, and he needs to add some rope to her hair, and the gag is in the way. After the hair ties are in he ties them out to the side once again. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: chairtied, harness gag

Casino: Rin Caught Cheating
28 minute(s), 40 second(s) of video
Added 07/27/2023
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Ace has caught another cheater. Rin here was distracting the dealer by showing her tits while her partners read his cards. Her friends managed to get away, but Rin wasn't so lucky. The clip starts with her standing, blindfolded with her wrists bound behind her back around a post. Ace asks who her friends were, but she won't talk. he shoves 2 large pairs of panties in her mouth from 2 other previous cheaters. He makes sure they stay there by wrapping her mouth with clear tape. Ace then starts smacking her ass hard. Ace then starts to add to her bindings. He wraps rope above and below her tits and even runs a length between her legs. He runs the crotchrope up over a pulley and then ties it off tight to a ring bolted into the floor. Her hips are forced out and up as a result. Ace leaves Rin to endure the crotchrope and gag for a while as he goes to check on the Casino. When he returns, he cuts away Rin's shirt. He comments on why she is so shy now. After all she sure wasn't shy earlier. He grabs a bundle of rope and uses it to bind her tits nice and tight. He leaves her for a while again. When he returns he removes her gag. He questions her again and then walks away leaving Rin once again to endure the crotchrope and breast bondage.

Categories: blindfolded, Breast bondage, business attire, crotchrope, panty gags, pantyhose, post/pole/tree tied