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Fayth's Tight Hogtie - Part 3
31 minute(s), 14 second(s) of video
Added 04/25/2024
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This clip starts where Part 2 ended... I display a huge blue sponge to Fayth and she smiles as she thinks that there is no way that's going to fit in her mouth. It does though. I make sure it stays by wrapping her head with clear tape. I grope her tits a bit and then I tie her elbows together as Fayth struggles with the gag. Fayth is disappointed in herself. Not only did she lose the balloon popping contest, now she taps out on a gag. I tie up a few loose ends and then I get her next gag... 2 washcloths. It takes a while, but I eventually work both in. I seal them in with orange tape. I put her on the floor. She struggles for a bit on her side. I want to get her hogtied, so I soon put her on her stomach. She struggles to breathe as I tie her feet. I'm soon arching her into about as severe of a hogtie that her genetics will allow. Fayth's eyes definitely turn a little more blue when she's in tight bondage, but I don't want to get sidetracked. I use the rope, that was tied in her hair from earlier, to pull her head back. I tie it off to her feet. Fayth has a look of determination as she endures the tight hogtie. About all she can do is moan and twitch... not much room to struggle at this point. After a while I roll her onto her side. She sure can't do it by herself. I leave her on her side for a while. When I think she's about had enough, I... slap her ass as I use her crotchrope as a handle. I give her tits a squeeze as well. Fayth is known to be quite the escape artist. I ask her if she's going to escape. I ask if she wants to be untied. I ask her more questions so I can hear her try and talk through her gag. I finally untie her hair and release her from the hogtie. I then remove her gag and walk away, leaving her on the floor.

Categories: crotchrope, hogtied

Fayth's Tight Hogtie - Part 2
15 minute(s), 22 second(s) of video
Added 04/24/2024
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I was going to sit Fayth down and change out her gag, but I got sidetracked and decided to do a little experiment instead. I tie her chest harness off overhead. I release her hair tie and run it over a pulley. I raise her arms up and tie her hair rope to her wrists... Kind of a hairtie strappado. This is a very stringent tie and I love Fayth's expressions while in it. I give her tits a few squeezes and her ass a few smacks. I go take a break. I sit back and watch Fayth endure her bondage for a while. After a while, I remove her ballgag. I then untie her hair from her wrists. I spin her around and enjoy smacking her ass for a while again as I hold onto her hair rope with my non-spanking hand. I finally untie her chest harness from above and I make her sit. This is where Part 2 ends.

Categories: crotchrope, strappado

Fayth's Tight Hogtie - Part 1
31 minute(s), 54 second(s) of video
Added 04/23/2024
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Fayth prides herself on being a balloon popping master. One day I challenged her to a balloon popping contest. It took her 5 min to pop hers and she even cheated. I let her pick out the balloon that I was to pop and I did it in under 2 minutes, despite having no prior balloon popping experience. She claims the balloon must have been a dud, but it doesn't matter. Since she lost she gets to experience a nice tight hogtie. Fayth doesn't care though, she enjoys being bound, although maybe not quite as tight as I am going tie. She maybe also doesn't want to be tied in 100 degree heat on a dirty floor, but that's to bad. The clip starts with fayth standing in a sweater(Yes a sweater) and jean skirt, with her hair tied snugly overhead. She looks a little nervous for some reason. I am soon behind her and shoving a large red ballgag in her mouth. Before I start tying her, I have a little fun. I grope and manhandle the inferior balloon and then I turn her around and smack her ass. She does have a very nice spankable ass, and I tell her that later. Yes, It was 100 degrees and I made her wear a sweater, but I cut it off. I rip it right down the middle so I can grope her sweaty tits without it in my way. I lift her skirt and now start smacking her panty clad ass. I grab a bundle of rope and start to tie her, but before I do, I pull her skirt completely off to get it out of my way. I start the way I usually do by wrapping the rope around her waist and between her legs. Fayth is very expressive as I bind her and it starts right away as I tighten the rope between her legs. I continue and end up with a harness that runs under her ass cheeks with really accentuates it. I turn her around and smack her ass a few more times. I could do that all day, but I have a lot more rope to apply, but before I do, I add some heavy duty clamps to her nipples. I grab more rope and continue binding Fayth. I start at her upper thighs and start working my way down... adding many cinched bands of rope. I add a few more clamps to her nipples and then I enjoy smacking her ass a few more times. I raise the hoist that her hair is tied to a little bit more. That gets her attention. I now start binding her upper body. By the time I'm done, a nice chest harness has been applied. I was going to take her down, but I get another idea. Fayth has no choice in the matter and all she can do is go along with it as drool streams down her chin from behind her gag. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: crotchrope, nipple clamps

Fayth Punished with Thin Wire - Part 2
34 minute(s), 5 second(s) of video
Added 03/13/2024
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Fayth is bound tightly with more and more thin wire. It really digs in as you can tell by Fayth's bulging flesh between the wraps. Wire is also wrapped just above her mouth. securing her head to the post. More and more wire is added above and below and then across her perky tits. Another length of wire secures her forehead to the post. Fayth cannot move at all now. I manhandle her helpless body just a bit before I leave her to endure her brutal bondage. A few tears stream as she does. I return eventually, but not to release her. I instead smack her tits and ass with a wooden stick. This gets the tears flowing a bit more. Soon after I cut her free of the wire and order her to her knees. I remove her gag and tell her to stay there until I return.

Categories: Crying, face bondage, post/pole/tree tied, wire

Fayth Punished with Thin Wire - Part 1
35 minute(s), 28 second(s) of video
Added 03/12/2024
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Fayth has NOT been doing her jobs completely and correctly so I figure that after spending some time bound to the post with cruel, thin, un-coated, baling wire she'll be more focused on her tasks. The clip starts with her in just stockings, heels, bra and panties. She is standing with her wrists behind her back around the post. They are bound with punishing, unforgiving, thin steel wire. She complains and wants to be let go. I am soon stuffing an old shop rag in her mouth. I seal it in tightly with clear tape. I grab some wire and cut off a length. I start at her upper thighs and start binding her to the post with it. It is cinched with more wire to the post. Then each wrap is cinched between her legs. Fayth seems to be in distress right from the start, but she has a long road ahead of her. After most of her legs are wired, I lower her bra and grope her tits for just a bit. I then start adding bands of wire to her waist and of course cinching it the the post as I go. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: post/pole/tree tied, wire

Fayth as The Golden Guardian Trapped, Captured, Stripped, Hung, mummified, De-masked - Part 2
23 minute(s), 20 second(s) of video
Added 10/29/2023
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Dr. Cupcakes flips on the Hitachi and positions it just right before adding the other components of the Golden Guardians bondage. A clear film is wrapped around her body next. Her protests have faded as she hangs and endures or enjoys? the Hitachi. Dr. Cupcakes bought the wrong color of paint for his den and instead of taking it back, he uses it as a weight that his hung from her hair. This should keep her from using her extremely strong abs to lift herself up to her ankle bindings. Now with the Hitachi buzzing away he starts wrapping her upside down body with a black film. When this activates with the liquid and the clear film, a solid cocoon will form... No One can escape from this!! He turns as positions her as he pleases as he continues her mummification. The Golden Guardian doesn't seem to care about anything at all now... escaping, the law, righteousness... Nothing at all. He hoists her up even higher in the air and continues the mummification process. After a bit he sees the tell tale signs. The Golden Guardian screams through her gag as spasms jolt her helpless body. Yes she has cum and Dr. Cupcakes now has a window of opportunity to demask the superheroine. He does just that and discovers it is Fayth!! Sweat drips from her body like a leaky faucet as he makes her a new mask. He leaves her for just a bit. When he returns he asks who her Master is and without hesitation, she answers "You Are". Exactly what he wanted to hear. Just goes to show that with a good work ethic and a good plan, you can accomplish anything.

Categories: electrical tape, face bondage, fishing line, MILF, mummification, panty gags, Super Heroine, suspension, Tape Bondage, taped hands

Fayth as The Golden Guardian Trapped, Captured, Stripped, Hung, mummified, De-masked - Part 1
28 minute(s), 20 second(s) of video
Added 10/28/2023
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0

Dr. Cupcakes feels he isn't getting the respect he deserves as a villain. Maybe it's the name? There's nothing he can do about that. What he can do is capture and demask the most famous superheroine around... The Golden Guardian. It won't be easy though, she is a veteran and never falls for traps. It will take all the genius he can muster to pull it off, but if he does, he will springboard to the top of villain notoriety! After pacing back and forth for several seconds, he has it!! The Golden Guardian is a woman under all her golden protective garments, and no woman can resist shoes... Let alone FREE SHOES! Dr. Cupcakes immediately puts his evil plan in motion. He sets up a delivery truck in a high crime area where she is known to make the rounds. It's not long before she stumbles upon the "FREE SHOES" Van. It works! Even the Golden Guardian cannot resist the temtation. She climbs in the back of the van. She's a little confused as she doesn't see any shoes... just empty shelves. Then Bam! Bam!... The doors slam behind her. She is trapped! She bangs on the doors but is soon overwhelmed. Dr. Cupcakes carries her to his lair where he shall carry out his evil plan. He plays with her a bit before tying her ankles. Soon she is hanging upside down like a piece of meat. He taunts the helpless do gooder and soon binds her wrists behind her back. She is in complete disbelief that she has fallen for his trap. His menacing laughter echoes throughout his lair as he spanks and gropes his upside down captive. He tries to demask her, but she still has to much strength. He knows just how to strip her of her powers, but that will come in time. He is tired of her threats and telling him "You'll never get away with this!" nonsense, so he shoves a pair of panties he took from a weaker superheroine earlier in the week. He uses scissors made of a space age alloy and of his own design to cut away the Golden Guardians protective shiny gold garments. He is surprised to see that she is wearing plain white cotton panties?... Those are his favorite, so he leaves those on her. He has engineered a special system to make sure she stays bound. The first part of the system is a liquid spray. He applies it liberally to her skin. This is the activator that chemically bonds the remaining components. Next he wraps her with a thin space age polymer string. Although it's very thin, It's 10X stronger than 1/4" thick steel straps! Now comes the most important part. He places a vibrator between her legs and behind the polymer string. Fortunately for Dr. Cupcakes he did not have to design and fabricate this item... It had already been done by the fine people at Hitachi. He plugs it in and walks away. The Golden Guardian waits and hangs with nervousness and anticipation. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: electrical tape, fishing line, leotard, MILF, panty gags, pantyhose, Super Heroine, superheroine, suspension

Casino: Fayth Caught Cheating - Part 2
26 minute(s), 30 second(s) of video
Added 09/16/2023
Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0 Average Rating: 5.0

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Since nothing useful is coming from Fayth's mouth, Ace decides to gag it. He produces a large yellow cleaning sponge. He squeezes it and then forces it in her mouth. He then wraps clear tape around her head sealing the sponge in. He then ties Fayth's right ankle back to the corner of the pallet. He then adds more rope frogtying her left leg. He then ties it to the front corner of the pallet. She's left for a little while. When Ace returns, he removes her gag. He smacks her ass and then regags her. This time he starts by cleave gagging her with vetwrap. After several wraps, he stuffs a foam ball in her mouth and continues with the vetwrap. Ace pinches her nipples. Soon her clamps each of them with a clover clamp. Fayth moans as he ties a string to one and then pulls it tight. He goes through a ring bolted to the floor and then back to the other clamp. He ties a rope to her waist and then ties it back to the post. She is forced back and the clamps tighten a tad more. Ace then ties her elbows. As he does, the clamps tighten and loosen and her crotchrope digs in further. He's not done with her yet though, He nose hooks her next. She tries to pull away. he asks if she really wants to do that and she complies. 3 more heavy duty clamps are put on her tits next to the clover clamps. Ace then leaves her to suffer for a while. It's hot in there. Fayth is covered in sweat and tears. Ace takes off his jacket and returns to smack her feet and ass with a thin wooden paddle. At the end of the clip, he returns and removes her nipple/tit clamps and then her gag. He walks off and leaves her still tied.

Categories: breast torture, crotchrope, Crying, MILF, nipple clamps, pantyhose, sponge gag

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