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Legs Spread Hogtie for Amo - Part 2
25 minute(s), 4 second(s) of video
Added 02/11/2018
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended. Amo moans as I slowly arch her into an extreme legs spread hogtie. I ask her if she is comfy and to know ones surprise she mmmpphs uhnuh. I clover clamp her nipples in hope that that will make her forget about the hogtie. Then to help her out even more, I pull them tight, and tie them off to the post in front of her. She still has to much movement for my liking, and since she does not have long enough hair to tie back, I nose hook her and attach it to an upline to keep her looking straight ahead. At this point her grunts, moans, and yelps really start to intensify. I let her struggle, twitch, and moan for a while. I add another rope which tightens things up a little, but I mainly add it for aestetic reasons. I bring out my thin wooden paddle and enjoy her reactions as I slap her ass and inner thighs for a while. I finally step aside and watch her deal with her bondage for the remainder of our time together. I added some behind the scenes footage at the very end as well.

Categories: breast torture, Brunettes, business attire, crotchrope, gags, garter and stockings, hogtied, nipple clamps, nose hooks, not barefoot

Legs Spread Hogtie for Amo - Part 1
20 minute(s), 40 second(s) of video
Added 02/10/2018
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I tied Amo up for fun a long time ago at an event. She happened to be in town and I was free, so we decided to shoot. When I tied her for fun, it was a nice and comfy suspension. I warned her that this time would be different, and she seemed excited about it. The video starts with me tying her arms behind her back in a box position as we chat. As the ropes are tightened and cinched she gets a little less chatty and makes some nice noises and facial expressions. Her chatting stops all together after a tightly strap a ballgag in her mouth. Amo yelps, squeals, and mmmmpphs as I rip open her blouse and roughly grab-smack her firm tits. I lift her skirt and using her tit as a handle I turn her any which way I want. Her squeals intensify as I smack her ass. When I stop the chatting has given way to heavy breathing. I get out more rope and continue binding her, including a tight crotchrope. Before pulling up a chair for Amo, I slap-grab her tits, pull her hair and yank on her crotchrope for a while once again. Although I enjoy her squeals, I do believe a better gag is needed. I remove her ballgag and Amo smiles as she tilts her head back taking deep breaths. I gag her with a large sponge and clear tape. I smack her tits hard so I can test it's effectiveness. It definitely muffles her yelps a little better than the ballgag. I tie her legs apart wide utilizing a spreader bar and rope. Amo is placed on her stomach on the floor. I tie a rope to her spreader bar and tie it off to the post in front of her. She is starting to look a little worried now, or maybe the tight gag just distorts her face in such a way that makes her look that way. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: Brunettes