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Southern Cutie Punished by Her - Part 2
12 minute(s), 57 second(s) of video
Added 01/19/2023
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... April's unties her hair and then removes her gag. He leaves her momentarily. She looks like a complete mess at this point, but he doesn't care... He is soon re-gagging her. This time he cleave gags her with vetwrap and tape. He continues adding rope and making adjustments to her bondage. He clamps her nipples with clover clamps and then ties them out in front of her. He leaves her to endure her bondage once again. After a while he returns and removes her gag. It seems her attitude is much improved. He's not letting her off that easy though. He leaves once again. This is where Part 2 ends. NOTES: This clip was shot almost 2 years ago. I wasn't particularly happy on my end bondage wise, so I waited until now to edit it. Also, the quality isn't all that great... especially compared to the new clips. April does emit great expressions and she definitely has a great gag face, and even though I wasn't happy with how it turned out, she was definitely in agony for the most part of this clip.

Southern Cutie Punished by Her - Part 1
16 minute(s) of video
Added 01/18/2023
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Poor April thought she could pull a fast one on her . She has been holding out on him and now he wants his money. The clip starts with April already bound and kneeling on a luggage cart. You can tell she's nervous as she bites her lip.Soon her enters the scene, and immediately gags her with a large squishy ball and clear tape. He pulls her tits free, squeezing them at the same time and then cuts away the crotch from her pantyhose and runs a rope between her legs. He ties it off to the luggage cart nice and snug. He grabs more rope and begins the process of making her bondage a bit more strict. He ties her elbows together as tightly as possible. Her wrists are then pulled up and tied to the luggage rack, sort of a kneeling strappado. He then ties a rope into her hair and ties her head back. She is in agony at this point as you can tell by her reactions and whimpers. The spends a little bit of time manhandling her before he leaves her to think about what she's done. This is where Part 1 ends.