Ivy Vynes
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Business Woman Captured after Work
24 minute(s), 52 second(s) of video
Added 09/24/2023
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For once she doesn't want to have any choices or have to make any desicions, so she asks me to help her out. One day as she's walking out of her office, I help her do just that... The clip starts with Ivy already Bound and ballgagged and being carried up a flight of steps to my loft. She's put on the sofa and her thighs are bound. I then run my hands over her pantyhose clad legs and smack her ass a few times, and there's nothing Ivy can do about it. Next I sit Ivy on the floor and remove her ballgag, but immediately shove a wad of cloth in her mouth and seal it with clear packing tape. After the gagging, I pick her up and place her on the bed, where I Hogtie her. Now I sit back and watch her struggle for a while. I return and pull open her blouse, and play with her pert breasts for a little bit before I re-hogtie her even tighter. I leave her once again, but she can hardly move now as the hogtie is so tight for her. I have other plans for Ivy, so I remove the rope connecting her ankles to her arms, and pick her Up. I place Ivy on a chair and add some ropes to secure her to it, and connecting her wrists to her ankles. Next I pick her and the chair up and move it in front of the post. I add a crotchrope and of course, Tie it off to the overhead hoist and tighten it up! Ivy's half inch long nipples are just begging for some attention, and I give them some. I make little nipple nooses and tie them off the her knees. I'm worried that Ivy's gag may not be secure enough, so I add more tape, just to be sure. Now I fashion a head harness out of rope and use that to pull Ivy's head back, further immobilizing her. Now I add 5 clothespins to her tits as the final touch, before sitting back to enjoy. She dosen't last for too much longer, after the clothespins go on, before she gives in.

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