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Casino: Fayth Caught Cheating - Part 2
26 minute(s), 30 second(s) of video
Added 09/17/2017
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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Since nothing useful is coming from Fayth's mouth, Ace decides to gag it. He produces a large yellow cleaning sponge. He squeezes it and then forces it in her mouth. He then wraps clear tape around her head sealing the sponge in. He then ties Fayth's right ankle back to the corner of the pallet. He then adds more rope frogtying her left leg. He then ties it to the front corner of the pallet. She's left for a little while. When Ace returns, he removes her gag. He smacks her ass and then regags her. This time he starts by cleave gagging her with vetwrap. After several wraps, he stuffs a foam ball in her mouth and continues with the vetwrap. Ace pinches her nipples. Soon her clamps each of them with a clover clamp. Fayth moans as he ties a string to one and then pulls it tight. He goes through a ring bolted to the floor and then back to the other clamp. He ties a rope to her waist and then ties it back to the post. She is forced back and the clamps tighten a tad more. Ace then ties her elbows. As he does, the clamps tighten and loosen and her crotchrope digs in further. He's not done with her yet though, He nose hooks her next. She tries to pull away. he asks if she really wants to do that and she complies. 3 more heavy duty clamps are put on her tits next to the clover clamps. Ace then leaves her to suffer for a while. It's hot in there. Fayth is covered in sweat and tears. Ace takes off his jacket and returns to smack her feet and ass with a thin wooden paddle. At the end of the clip, he returns and removes her nipple/tit clamps and then her gag. He walks off and leaves her still tied.

Categories: breast torture, crotchrope, Crying, MILF, nipple clamps, pantyhose, sponge gag

Casino: Fayth Caught Cheating - Part 1
26 minute(s), 52 second(s) of video
Added 09/16/2017
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The eye in the sky caught another duo cheating at the Black Jack tables. One was able to get away, but Fayth was captured. Security took her to a storage area and tied her wrists behind her back. She was then tied her to a chair and left. They also used a scare tactic to hopefully make her give up her partner. Fayth struggles in a panic as Ace walks in, wearing his fancy suit and smoking a cigarette. He flips on the lights. He removes her hood and then starts asking her questions. She refuses to talk. Ace starts smacking her inner thighs hard. He examines his bound and gagged cheating captive before removing her gag and the tape on her face. He grabs a handful of her hair. He grabs a rope, ties it in and then ties it overhead, forcing Fayth to look straight ahead. He asks her about her partner again and once again gets nothing but lies. He gags her again. This time he cleave gags her with an Ace bandage and black tape. This is an excruciatingly tight gag. Her face turns purple and bulges somewhat. She sits and waits while wearing the brutal gag. Ace unties her ankles and waist from the chair. He makes her stand and then tightens her hair rope. He ungags her to see if she has anything useful to say. She does not. He starts smacking her ass. He turns her around and makes her spread her legs as he continues spanking her spankable ass. Tears start flowing as Ace grabs her by her tit with one hand and continues spanking her with his other. He continues manhandling her, turning her by using her tits as handles. Then he starts slap grabbing her tits... over and over. Once he tires of that he removes her skirt, then he grabs a bundle of rope and adds a crotchrope. He makes Fayth get on her knees. He lowers a trapeze kind of bar above her. He reties her hair to the middle and then ties the front of her crotchrope to one end and the back to the other end. It is now extremely tight! The tears keep flowing as she waits for what is to come next. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: chairtied, cleave gag, crotchrope, Crying, electrical tape, face bondage, hooded, MILF, Open Mouth Gag, pantyhose

Fayth Spanked, Ziptied, and Whipped - Part 3
26 minute(s), 29 second(s) of video
Added 07/24/2017
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This Clip starts where Part 2 ended... I take my belt off and use it to whip Fayth's well rounded ass. I have another small leather strap and I use it to whip her tits. When I had her over my knee earlier, she was thrashing around quite violently, but now that doesn't seem to be the case... the zipties are keeping her in place and doing their job nicely. Fayth is quite the escape artist as well, but she does not make even the slightest bit of progress. She later told me that that's one of the reason she likes them, because she knows she's fucked. I end up removing her ballgag and make a nice new gag out of zipties, in fact, I ziptie her entire head to an upright ziptie. I clover clamp her nipples. I sometimes like to put them on sideways so that when I weight them down, they twist. When Fayth moans and yelps when I add the ring and padlock, I remember why I like to do that. I leave Fayth now to endure her bondage as I sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I added a little behind the scenes footage of Fayth being released.

Categories: ballgag, breast torture, crotchrope, face bondage, gags, nipple clamps, not barefoot, zipties

Fayth Spanked, Ziptied, and Whipped - Part 2
17 minute(s), 9 second(s) of video
Added 07/23/2017
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This Clip starts where Part 1 ended... A huge red ball gag is tightly buckled in Fayth's large mouth. I then get busy adding more tight cinched zipties to Fayth's curvy body. Soon she is in excruciatingly, unforgiving, and tight bondage. I leave her ankles and feet without so she can turn in a circle for our enjoyment, which she does. This is where Part 2 ends.

Categories: ballgag, crotchrope, gags, not barefoot, zipties

Fayth Spanked, Ziptied, and Whipped - Part 1
22 minute(s), 12 second(s) of video
Added 07/22/2017
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Don't feel sorry for Fayth, she loves this. The last time I saw Fayth, she was a brat on purpose, because she craves this kind of attention. I like giving it to her because I am a Saint, so it is a win win. I sit down and put Fayth over my knee with her wrists already bound behind her with a ziptie. I proceed to spank her. She yelps and moans as I continue. I have other plans as an old fashioned otk spanking will not do it. I order her up to a standing position. As I get ready for the next phase of my plan, Fayth stands there looking quite dazed with a glassy eyed look. I return to tie her hair above. This will keep her in place as I start adding zipties to her legs. I first tighten one around her waist. Then another nylon invader buries itself between her legs, as Fayth lets out a grunt. I start at her upper thighs and continue down her legs, cinching them with smaller ties as I work my way down. This is where Part 1 ends.

Categories: ballgag, crotchrope, gags, not barefoot, OTK, Sweat, zipties