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Lots of New Content Coming Soon, and Other Stuff.
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I have not shot a lot of new content in the past 6 months. The summer was very busy with moving out of my old studio. It should not have taken as long as it did, but being that it was on the 3rd floor and I had to use 100 yr old freight elevators that only work 25% of the time makes moving very time consuming... never again. The good news is that I have a new studio in Florida. I have access to a large indoor area as well as a large outdoor area in which to shoot as well. I absolutely love outdoor bondage, and will be doing quite a bit of it. I will be getting the keys this week and will be posting a little tour in the next few weeks. Also, like I have mentioned several times before, I have raised the initial monthly join fee. The recurring fee has remained the same. For even more savings you can choose the 3 or 6 month option. A yearly option should be available soon as well. As many of you know I post on C4S as well. In the past, I have posted clips there first and then to the site, but with the price increase I am going to start posting new content on the site first and then later to C4S. I think that's about it for now. Thanks for your support! Eric

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